Which is the hardest university to get into in the UK? Find out here

And one of the top two isn’t actually Oxbridge

The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018 has revealed which universities are the hardest to get into.

Oxford is the only uni where less than a quarter of applicants receive an offer, but surprisingly Cambridge is beaten to the top two by University of the Arts London, where only 25.9 per cent of applicants get an offer.

At the other end of the table, only 1.7 per cent of people who apply to Aberystwyth fail to get an offer.

Uni of the year, Lancaster, gave an offer to 94.1 per cent of applicants, whilst Stirling and Arts University Bournemouth rounded out the top five hardest unis to get into.

If Jeremy's Corbyn's visit to the uni today didn't convince you, then an offer rate of 92.3 per cent should prove that Sussex truly is for the many, not the few.

Have a look at the table below to see the full list of which unis are the hardest to get into: