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This girl says she was raped twice on holiday. Now she wants to go back there to find her attackers

‘I felt confused, vulnerable and didn’t even bother fighting back’

When you and your best friend book tickets to go on a chilled Spanish holiday, you picture tanning by the sea, having nice dinners and drinking fruity cocktails at a local bar. You don't for one second imagine the first night of the holiday turning into one of the worst moments of your life.

Last summer, Klaudia and her friend Alex decided to visit Cala Ratjada, a quiet eastern town on the island of Majorca. On the first night of her trip she was sexually assaulted by one man and a few hours later, raped by another. This didn't happen in Magaluf, the more popular clubbing town of the island, this happened in a sleepy town where she said she "felt safe."

At the time, she says the police weren't able to find out who did this to her, so now she's raising money to go back and re-open the investigation.

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Klaudia's holiday started off just like any other girls' holiday. Her and Alex arrived on the island, got to their hostel and immediately set out to explore the local area. She recalled: "On the beach, we were handed a drinks voucher to go to a nearby club. So our plans for the night were made."

They put on make up and spent ages picking out the perfect outfits for the night. Klaudia decided on a short sleeve shirt, jeans and flat shoes. They walked to the venue at around 10pm and it was already packed. Salsa music was blaring in the background when Klaudia went to order drinks at the bar.

Somewhere between ordering a water and having a good time with her friend, she thinks she got spiked. She said "something felt off" about her drink and how it "tasted a bit odd." She wasn't able to finish her water because of the taste. But now she's adamant that exact decision saved her life that night, because what happened next put her life in serious danger.

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The only picture Klaudia took at the club

Suddenly, she started having weird thoughts in her head and every one of her senses started going hazy. She says she remembers getting into an argument with Alex and at the time it didn't cross her mind that she could have been spiked.

"She was annoyed at me" Klaudia recalls, "I didn't realise at the time but she left me by myself." Alex stormed out of the club at 12:15am. Klaudia began to look for her and asked a man who was wearing a security T-shirt for help. The man took her into a room and grabbed her by the neck, pushing her on the wall and started to unzip her jeans.

"He put his hand down my pants and in a broken accent I didn't recognise kept saying 'Don't tell anyone, okay?' At this moment I felt so delusional, I kept dipping in and out of consciousness. I felt confused, vulnerable and didn't even bother fighting back. The next thing I knew, I was being thrown out of the club."

But Klaudia's nightmares were only beginning because her state was about to deteriorate. She remembers sitting herself down on a curb and feeling her head hang down low. When someone approached her and asked if she was okay, she was too weak to reply.

After 15-20 minutes, she finally stood up and found an ambulance in front of the club and wailed for help. But she couldn't speak Spanish and they couldn't understand her. They treated her like she was just another girl who had a bit too much to drink.

Eventually they asked Klaudia where she needed to go, but she didn't know where her hostel was and her friend wasn't answering the phone. She began to panic. She said: "I was convinced the man who hurt me earlier in the club was trying to find me and kill me."

This is when she started texting her friends:

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Klaudia cried loudly in the street and someone heard her. A man took her into a building which she thought was a house at first, to try and calm her down. In her delusional state Klaudia thought he was trying to hide her. She found herself in a room full of stacked chairs, so she ran and hid underneath them.

"At first he was comforting me, holding my hand. He turned the lights off. Afterwards when I realised no one was coming after me, I came out from underneath the chairs and the man told me to lie on the sofa. He was repeating something in Spanish to me, which I later found out meant listen to me."

Suddenly the atmosphere changed. He started kissing her aggressively and she tried to back away. This is when he raped her. Klaudia said: "I still don't remember the actual act because I believe my brain blocked it out of my memory as a coping mechanism."

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Klaudia drew a diagram of the room she was raped in

But she knew she was raped because she was "sore and wet down there." Eventually this man let her go and she realised she was in a restaurant, hence all the stacked chairs. She somehow managed to find her bearings as the sun started rising and got back to her hostel at around 6am.

Klaudia immediately ran into the shower and went to wash herself. She said: "I felt dirty and had about six showers to try and feel clean again." Alex was mortified at the state of her friend and took pictures of her bruises.

After the night's ordeal, Klaudia tried to get some sleep. Her friend Alex was by her side, supporting her throughout everything that followed. It was Sunday the next day, so the police station and hospital were closed. She couldn't get tested for spiking and rape until Monday morning.

Because she couldn't remember enough detail at the time, she says the Spanish police couldn't help find who did this to her. But now that a lot of the memories have started coming back to her, she's trying to raise enough money to go back and re-open the case.

Klaudia wants to raise the money to "go back and find the identity of the men", she says "I need to recognise the places where I have been, which is really hard to do through Google Maps and a few pictures.

"I'm asking for help for my own sanity and inner peace, and to feel like I did the most that I could, to gain justice. Even the smallest amount that someone could give to help me travel back would be a huge step for me on the way to heal mentally and will be appreciated a lot."

If you wish to donate money on Klaudia's GoFundMe Page to help her re-open the investigation, click here.