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Girls tell us the heavy hints they drop when they want to have sex with someone

1. Wearing matching underwear

Have you ever wondered what the signs of a successful date are? Whether you should suggest bringing them back to yours or just leave it? Whether you're actually going to get laid tonight?

Well worry no longer, because we asked experienced serial daters to tell us about the heavy hints they drop when they want to have sex with someone.

Obviously that being said, you still need to have someone's consent and be able to read their body language well. It's all relative, so just because someone may have exhibited any of the following behaviours – it doesn't mean you should assume they have given you their consent.

Here's what the girls told us:

Wearing matching underwear

Finding matching panties for with your bra is effort. If I'm wearing matching underwear, chances are – I want to fuck you. Tonight. It's a rare effort I'm willing to make just for you.

Giving a really intense stare aka. eye-fucking

When I know I want to have sex with them, I stare quite intensely into their eyes, tilt my head to one side and kinda look them up and down.

Lightly touching the other person's leg throughout conversation

Having a bit of flirty banter? Giggling to everything you say? Lightly touching your leg means I'm comfortable with you. Also, it's way of breaking the touch boundary so when I rip their clothes off later, it's not much of a shock.

Licking or biting lips often

Not in a cringe way, but doing a bit of lip biting, or lip licking always ensures I get a kiss at the end of the night, minimum.

Angling body forward and shifting closer

They get a closer look at your chest but also at how long your legs are. Giving them the full body visualisation of what smashing bod they’re going to get tonight is a guaranteed way to get you body confident. By being closer, your bodies are saying "let’s get it on."

Speaking in a lower tone of voice than usual

It sounds more husky and sensual.

Girls can sext anywhere, in a taxi, doing the washing up or even in a lecture theatre. If she's sexting you, chances are she wants you to know what she's going to do to you later.

Playing with hair

I don’t know why this one works, but it does. Something about playing with a strand of my hair while listening to them talk just really gets guys going. And it subtly lets them know you’re good with your hands.

Smirking and fluttering those eyelashes

Bonus points if you’re doing this whilst drinking through a straw. Works every time.

Talking about how free my house is and how no one is in and possibly how we have more drinks there

This is a classic. If a girl has brought this up in a conversation, take the hint as well as the invitation and go back to hers.

Tell stories that will illustrate how sexual you are

If the conversation shifts to something a bit more hot, I drop comments here and there about how sexual I am, to show that I am down for whatever.

Kiss in the middle of the date

If she's leaping forward in the middle of the date, she's probably into you.

Explicitly saying what will happen when we both get home

Sometimes subtlety just doesn't quite work, so it’s better to come out with it in a straight-forward way that will grasp their attention. Talking about positions you’ve had the best sex with, or what you want to try with future partners to make yourself as open as possible. This gets them excited as well as you, which makes the sex better.