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These are the best puppers from the picket lines at the university strikes

#dogsonpicketlines is the wholesome hashtag we didn’t know we needed

With all the disruption caused by the UCU strikes across the country today, it's no wonder that we were looking out for something cute and wholesome to help ease the pain of our missed lectures.

Amid scraps, industrial animosity and a reworked pensions scheme, Twitter has managed to deliver unity with the #dogsonpicketlines hashtag.

So here are some of our fave doggos helping to get a very important message across:

Spotted at Exeter Uni, this good boi who came prepared with flyers:

Here's Molly, a doggo with a very important message:

Look at these very good bois on the picket line in Glasgow:

And here we have another handsome doggo, who even has their own slogan:

A pup in Leeds who is very excited to be a part of the protest:

Here is a doggo leading the charge:

Now you think you may have seen some cute protesting doggos, but just wait until you see the next one…

And the best post so far goes to:

Look at how done Jeff is with this bullshit. Give Jeff what he wants, give the lecturers their pensions so he can go and be a good boi somewhere else.

This pupper is just so fashionable:

This good boy is confused by rising tuition fees but falling pensions. Poor guy.

So no matter the outcome of the strikes, at least we have a cute hashtag as a result