Jeremy Underground is dropped from club line-up after he demanded a five star hotel with a gym and sauna

The club wasted over £1,000 on his diva requests

A club has been forced to cancel their Jeremy Underground set after he demanded a five star hotel with a sauna and gym, and refused to stay in the two hotels they had previously booked for him.

Promoters at the Edinburgh club, Abstrakt, were then sent threatening emails from his agent that said he would "bite" the promoter for not meeting Jeremy's requests.

According to the club's Facebook post, they booked Jeremy into an expensive four star hotel, which he did not approve of, for a duration of three nights rather than one.

Abstrakt then found a different hotel that met his demands. However, this booking also did not meet his approval, as he wanted a room at the Sheraton Grand, where prices for a room begin at £614.

Abstrakt eventually decided that this ordeal was simply not worthwhile and that it's best that they "cut their losses" just days before he was due to play.

The club claims that Jeremy then agreed to pay for the hotel himself as he wanted the use of a sauna and a gym but by then a replacement line up had been found for the night.

This led to the agent sending abusive messages, and in one message "I want to bite you and believe me you are going to loose [sic] some blood".

Speaking to The Tab, Jeremy apologised for the whole incident. He said there is "no need to insult people" and that his agent will be facing "consequences."

Jeremy also posted an explanation and apology on his Facebook page, which was subsequently deleted.

Jeremy told The Tab: "On my side of the story, I don't feel guilty at all. I tried calling the promoters but they just wouldn't answer."

He explained that he has been touring non-stop since 2010 and he was now in a position to have nice hotels with saunas, but it has never been his intention to "destroy small promoters" because he has been playing for them all his life.

He also wanted to apologise to everyone who knows him, but insisted they just need to "understand his side of the story".

The event is still going ahead as planned, with a new lineup that includes Domenic Capello and Kieran Apter.