What every member of Blazin' Squad is doing with their life right now

This is what every member of Blazin’ Squad is doing with their life right now

One of them is a window fitter

Blazin’ Squad, the epitome of British hip-hop and once referred to as the “pioneers of ‘chav’ culture”, graced us with their music back in 2001. Once forgotten, Love Island brought Marcel back into our lives, and our love for the band has came back in full swing.

But what are the members of Blazin’ Squad doing now? We did the research to find out.

James Mackenzie, aka Kenzie

Welcome to Marbella ??

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Kenzie, who’ll you remember gracing the front pages of Sugar Mag, has only gone on to bigger and better things. After forming a band with fellow Blazin’ Squad members Flava and Strider called ‘Friday Hill’, he went on to do countless TV D-list appearances including Celebrity Big Brother, Rock and Pop Special of The Weakest Link and Celebrity Ready Steady Cook.

Somehow, in the midst of his hectic D-List lifestyle, he found time to write an autobiography detailing his upbringing, tour life and more. If you’re desperate to find out more, you can buy it on Amazon here for only £2.80 including Prime delivery. Kenzie is currently working as a personal trainer.

Marcel Somerville, aka Rocky B Plat’num

Blazin Squad

Obviously Marcel came back into the spotlight through appearing on Love Islandfinishing in fourth place.

Much like Kenzie, Marcel had a good run of reality TV shows including CelebAir and The Games (I don’t know what they are either). It was obv a natural progression for him to appear on LI.

Before gracing our screens, Marcel, as shown on his LinkedIn profile, worked as an Account Manager for a music licensing company, before setting up his own record label of which he is the Managing Director.

Chris, aka Blazin’ Squad’s Melo-D

New do

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Melo-D, who we can all agree had the best name in the whole band, didn’t abandon his dreams following the split. He’s had a bit of a solo career (check out his Soundcloud, I would recommend), but more interestingly has a job fitting windows when he’s not touring with what’s left of Blazin’ Squad.

Krazy, aka Lee Bailey

Lee Bailey has gone somewhat off the radar, we can’t even find an up-to-date picture of him. This may be because of his solo venture ‘The Lee Bailey Project,’ which ended up being a giant flop.

Reepa, aka Stuart Baker

Stuart has mostly dropped off the music scene, only occasionally performing with some of the Blazin’ Squad crew. He now has a real grown up job at the BBC as a Media Manager.

Freek, aka Oliver Georgiou


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Oliver Georgiou’s LinkedIn tells us he was in Blazin’ Squad for sixteen years (classic, has to tell everybody), worked at Barclays in Client Service and then moved on to Artist Management, a real Jack-of-all-trades.

Tommy B, aka Tom Beasley

From the information on Tommy’s Twitter, he seems to be having a nice retirement djing and cycling around the country, lovely.

Strider, aka Mustafa Omer and Flava, aka James Murray

Alongside Kenzie, Strider and Flava were the former members of ‘Friday Hill.’ In 2009, Strider joined a five piece reunion of the Squad and recorded the comeback single ‘Let’s Start Again’, which peaked at number 51 in the UK.

Following that monumental success, Strider and Flava decided to form a songwriting duo called Mojam, which has gone on to work with Professor Green, Naughty Boy and Emeli Sande.

Spike-e, aka Sam Foukles

Blazin' Squad

Apart from currently being in the five-piece version of the Blazin’ Squad, Sam Foulkes is leading a pretty normal life. He started his Trading career at William Hill, then moved to Coral and is now Trading Director at Amelco, good for him.

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