Smarter people are more likely to fail their driving test first time, study says

You steer, and I’ll do the pedals, that’s the tricky bit

Do you have a brain the size of a small planet but inexplicably failed your driving test? Was it the kerb that moved towards your car as you reversed round that corner? You checked your blind spots twice but that small child still appeared out of nowhere.

The logical inconsistency between your sublime intellect and your inability to pass a test that millions of ordinary people manage to has surely been keeping you up at night. Toss and turn no more! New research shows that the brighter you are, the more likely it becomes that you will fail your driving test first time.

The ridicule directed at you by all of your smug, driving friends is finally over. New research published by Privilege DriveXpert has found that those with more academic qualifications are less likely to pass their driving test first-time round compared to those with fewer qualifications.

The research also found that the creative minds of BA students do better than their rational BSc rivals.

The study analysed 1,564 people who hold a full British driving license, and showed a link between IQ, job and then your chances of passing first time.

Interestingly, experts think the reasoning behind these findings are that the brighter you are, the greater the tendency to over-think what you are doing.

People who run their own business are three times more likely to have taken four attempts to pass their test than those merely working the machinations of the corporate machine. After spending that much money trying to pass, I guess the extra incentive was there to try and recoup those losses by making a medium to large amount of cash.

I'll probably stick to my bus pass and my gigantic brain, if it's all the same.