This is what the lowkey Harry Potter characters are up to now

Goyle is now a cage fighter lol

Harry Potter was a pivotal part of growing up. You probably remember whose birthday party it was where you watched the Goblet of Fire at the cinema, and you’ll know exactly how you felt when the series came to a close.

We felt like we aged with Harry, Ron and Hermione and most of us know what they’re up to now. Ron’s reading out Ed Sheeran lyrics, Hermione is being a UN Ambassador and getting abused for getting her boobs out, and Danielle Radcliffe’s desperately trying to do any role that doesn’t involve looking like Harry Potter.

But what about the rest of the cast? What are Neville Longbottom and Seamus up to? Most importantly, what is Cho Chang doing right now???

Dean Thomas

Once described as a “slithery git” by Ron Weasley for necking on with Harry’s gyal Ginny Weasley over some butterbeer, Dean Thomas, the prolific extra (seriously, watch the films back he is everywhere), has actually got a degree in Portuguese and Spanish from Queen’s College Oxford University. Pretty sure he had under ten lines across all eight films, but here’s one in Portuguese: “Blimey Harry eu não sabia que você poderia fazer isso!”

Ginnie Weasley

Harry’s crush, girlfriend and consequent wife in that awful ‘19 years later bit’ now has her own production company called Bon Bon Lumiere. She was also briefly engaged to the co-star Jamie Campbell Bowler, the bloke who played Grindelwald right at the end of the films (so you probably don’t remember him) after being together for six months, but they called it off.

Draco Malfoy

Number one snake and wet flannel Draco Malfoy, aka Tom Felton, has had a pretty good innings post HP. He’s wracked up 2.71 million Twitter followers, had roles in Planet of the Apes and Get Him To The Greek (although he literally played himself). He also had a crack at the music industry, but the less said about that the better.

Crabbe and Goyle

The dream team

Malfoy’s side-kick Crabbe is not only a badboy in the films, but in real life too. He was fined and spent six weeks in prison for pleading guilty to growing cannabis in his mum’s house. He was then caught up in the 2011 London riots where photo and video footage emerged of him holding some kind of petrol bomb, leading him to be incarcerated for two years.

Goyle has also carried on the hardman image and is now an M.M.A fighter! He literally fights in a cage! Josh Herdman, who plays Goyle, told the Daily Mirror he is trained in “traditional Japanese jujitsu”, he even has a “shodan black belt”, whatever that is.

Neville Longbottom

Neville, played by Matthew Lewis, is still plodding along in the industry, appearing in TV programmes such as Bluestone 42 and Ripper Street. What’s most surprising about Nev is that he’s actually turned out quite fit. He’s also been awarded an honorary Masters for Arts and Charity work at Leeds Met, lol.

Fleur Delacour

Still beaut

Clémence Poésy has had a pretty successful career post Harry Potter where she played babe Fleur Delacour who Ron drools over and his brother, Bill, ends up marrying. She’s been in 127 Hours alongside James Franco, and In Bruges with Colin Farrell.

Fred and George

On research for this article, it was revealed that James Phelps actually died his hair ginger for all the Harry Potter films. I don’t know whether James plays Fred or George, but either way I’m disappointed.

They’re both clinging on to Harry Potter, regularly appearing at the Harry Potter exhibition and tour around the world. Exciting.

Seamus Finnigan

Devon Murray aka Harry’s Irish pal, Seamus Finnigan, who looks a bit like he could be Wayne Rooney’s cousin, has described himself as “The Silly Irish Guy Who Kept Blowing Up :-)” to his 246k Twitter followers. Other than that slightly cringe Twitter bio, Devon seems like a normal bloke doing normal things, like going to the gym and making sure at least one emoji is featured per tweet.

Cho Chang

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Harry’s Year 10/11 crush, soothing Scottish sounding Cho Chang, got a degree in art and design at University of the Arts, London. Notable awards she’s claimed since being in the Ravenclaw massive include winning Scotland’s most stylish and hottest woman in 2007, as awarded by the Scotsman. Other than that, she’s done a few TV shows here and there, including Channel 4’s Run – which I haven’t heard of either.

Cedric Diggory

I guess you can’t really call Rob Pattinson lowkey, but he’s going to be included in this for only appearing in one film. Rob’s role as Cedric was his first ever major film. He went on to be vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, which saw him turned into every single form of merchandise. Like Daniel Radcliffe who will never stop being Harry Potter, Rob Patterson will never stop being Edward Cullen.

Marcus Flint

Never forget

Search ‘Jamie Yeates’ (who plays Marcus Flint) into Google and ‘James Yeates teeth’ comes up higher than ‘James Yeates Harry Potter’, probably because all you can remember him for. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, and doesn’t even have a bio on Twitter saying ‘I was on the Slytherin Quidditch team’, which is a waste in my eyes.

Dudley Dursley

He still looks like the kinda man who would purposefully go back up the stairs to individually stomp down them, causing the roof to shake in your teeny tiny under-the-stairs bedroom, however this time he’s so much lighter. Harry Melling hasn’t done anything spectacular since Hazza, except lose loads of weight. Tell me your secrets, Dudley.