WhatsApp update will allow you to edit and delete your sent messages

‘Hey ykmte u upp?’

WhatsApp are working on an update that will let you edit or “revoke” your sent messages from the other person’s phone.

The move has come after cries from WhatsApp users everywhere, after those “one too many” late night messages or fiery, regrettable rants.

That is, provided the recipient hasn’t yet opened the message. Once that double blue tick appears, your message is cemented in WhatsApp history.

The update has been released on a sample group of iOS users, but it is not automatically available. This means you have to search for it in your settings after updating the app, but it’s not clear where in your settings the option is.

“Sneak peeks” of the update have been revealed by a Beta tester, @WABetaInfo.

People are understandably very happy:

WhatsApp is yet to confirm the information, and a release date is not set.

It couldn’t come soon enough.