Where to get brunch in West London

Avocado heaven

Is there anything better than spending a Saturday or Sunday lazing around a table filled with food, coffee and good company? No there isn’t, especially when you don’t have to cook anything. Treat yourself and eat.

Ok that all sounds great, but where on earth does one go for brunch in London? There are about 56 895 places to choose from and often you’re paying for rubbish.

Fear not, here is a little list of the best places to get brunch in West London.

Goode & Wright 

Located on Portobello Road, it has quite the cool vibe. The inside looks like a classic French bistro. Why book a trip to Paris? Go here instead. Their brunch menu is something quite exceptional. They make everything look fancy and wonderful so you just want to order one of everything. Shout out to the chocolate hazelnut ganache toast and the Eggs Benedict with the coolest looking brioche bun I have ever seen. Go, if only for the amazing Instagram opportunities.

202 London 

Is it a shop? Is it a brunch spot? Well, it’s both. That’s right. You can go spend all of your life savings on the clothes downstairs after indulging in a lovely brunch on Westbourne Grove. The menu is simple and sophisticated. Anything you order will leave you happily filled. It’s also the ultimate people watching location, a definite added bonus.

Electric Diner


This is where you go if you can’t choose between a burger or waffles for brunch. You don’t have to choose, you can have it all. Need I say more? Didn’t think so. When the full English looks like good, you have no excuse not to try it.

Farm Girl Café

Two words: rose latte. How hipster does that sound? Can’t handle it? Don’t go. This place is perfect for everyone who craves a non conventional breakfast that looks perfectly normal. It’s not just the rose and lavender coffees, it’s also the buckwheat pancakes and the healthy donuts. You read right. This place brings healthy foods together with old favourites and creates something magical.

Granger and Co

By far one of the most famous places in London and for good reason. Prepare to queue at the Notting Hill because, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to brunch in Notting Hill? Second home to all lifestyle bloggers and foodies, it’s the ultimate destination for an amazing meal on the weekend. They are known for their eggs but their ricotta hotcakes are just as dreamy. Can’t choose? Order both, it’s always the better option.

Daylesford Organic

It’s on the same street as Granger & Co and 202 so it MUST be worth visiting, right? It is. It really is. They have a small grocery section in the front where you can spend far too much money on granola and organic tomatoes before you even look at the brunch menu. Everything is organic so everything is healthy. That’s how it works…right? Whether it does or not, the food is great and the instagram opportunities are endless.

Juice Baby

If you’ve had a few too many burgers for dinner or wild nights out, this is a great spot to cleanse your body. They serve juice, they serve chia seeds parfait (whatever that means) and acai bowls. This place embodies #fitlife, so only go if you’re ready for that vibe while you eat. Still delicious and worth trying! It’s just not your hangover cure kind of place.



This place is so popular that they have quite a few locations in London, one of them in Chiswick. West Londoners don’t need to get all the way to Stoke Newington or Shoreditch to enjoy this trendy brunch spot. They’re known for their dinner menu but the brunch is not to be forgotten. Fried chicken with a croissant waffle or yogurt and granola? Whatever you’re craving, it will satisfy you beautifully.

Royal China

Be bold, be different. Have a dim sum dumpling brunch at Royal China near Queensway. Everyone loves dumplings and those who say they don’t are lying. If you’re a Chinese food fan, this is the place to be on Sunday after 12 pm. They have very dumpling imaginable. Oh, and they have Chinese beer. That’s a double win in my books.

Dirty Bones 

So you may have heard of Dirty Bones, the uber cool cocktail bar in Soho and Kensington. THEY DO BRUNCH NOW. It happens to be amazing. I mean really amazing. Mac n cheese burger, eggy fries, Shakshuka eggs? Washed down with their delectable brunch cocktails, it seems like a no brainer to me. Go there as soon as you can.