The best high street restaurants for vegans

Because not every menu needs meat

Long gone are the days when eating out in a high street chain restaurant as a vegan was at best dicey and at worst impossible.

Instead of being fobbed off with dry bean burgers, vegans are now finding themselves at the receiving end of increased inventiveness and menus on which they have more than one choice.

Here’s our guide to the high street restaurants that cater best for vegans.


Well done #Zizzi for creating a #vegan pizza with vegan cheese! #zizzivegan

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Zizzi offers pizzas topped with Mozarisella, a plant-based cheese made from Italian rice milk which is both chewy and delicious, making it possible to simply order a pizza instead of having to ask for a pizza “without the cheese.”

Pizza Express

Pizza Express (as well as having the requisite menu that lists all ingredients which is every vegan’s friend) also have a novel approach to ensuring that vegans can eat pizzas they love: bring your own “cheese.”

As long as it’s sealed and in a packet with the expiry date clearly on it, vegans can turn any pizza into their own special delight and it means that vegans get to have their own personal topping.


Forget having to order special dishes: Carluccio’s have a whole vegan menu available on request. Look out for a delicious side dish of black kale with cherry tomatoes and olives.


Many of Wagamama’s dishes can be veganised by simply choosing udon noodles or rice. There’s the added bonus of vegan dumplings, which is unique amongst many oriental restaurants.

Yo Sushi

With a helpful website that clearly explains how to ensure that your dish is vegan – vegans can be sure that there will not be any awkward moments and they can eat about a quarter of the food on offer.


?Whatever the weather, it's time for #HappySalads. (?:@hungry_anja) Link to buy in bio. ?

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When it comes to healthy eating on the go, it’s best to stick with the all-day menu as there are no vegan burger or breakfast options. That said it also offers a wide range of tasty vegan snacks including a wide variety of dark chocolates


£3.85 @boab77 We're moving! #newcastle #aspallscyder

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One of the first pub chains to come out with a vegan menu, in every section from breakfast through curries vegans are catered for. There are even vegan sides like nachos, which mixed company, can share.

With many branches serving Aspall’s sider which is also vegan, all that remains to be said before tucking in is a hearty cheers!