Will Lloyd

We asked normal people if they were sympathetic to the junior doctors

‘The government has treated them disgracefully’

I’m not a ‘worse’ person because my parents aren’t married

They’re the happiest couple I know

Which football club has the worst fans?

It’s probably Liverpool isn’t it

UEA cruises past Manchester and Bristol in new university rankings

Sure, we go to a great uni

Which Harry Potter character is your uni?

Nobody wants to be Filch

25 things that every man should know by the age of 25

You’ve had enough porn for one lifetime mate

The things going to a private school for boys taught me about life

Poverty is ‘catching’, apparently

Some NUS delegates think it’s wrong to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day

There was applause

Who bought all the Sports Direct mugs in the kitchen?

Because we have NO idea

Good of Nick Clegg to campaign to legalise drugs, now he has no power

He’s talking the big talk

Which British monarch are you?

Hopefully not one of the ones that dies violently

Watch future NUS president Malia Bouattia endorse violent struggle

While condemning ‘Zionist-led media outlets’

If you’re over 60 you shouldn’t get a vote in the EU referendum

You’re going to be dead soon, Nan – sorry

We went to an event about Millennials run by some of the biggest brands in the world

They would like some of your money (duh)

Jamie Laing is really, really worried about money, guys

He doesn’t want to be doing Made in Chelsea when he’s 45

Five Guys makes me feel like a kid again

All about that soda machine

The Tab endorses Malia Bouattia for NUS President

She’s the only choice that makes sense

Which UK Prime Minister are you?

If you’re mean it’s Thatcher

The government is freaking out about anal sex

Politicians think it’s all about porn

Cringe of the Week! Meet Jay Shetty, the philosopher helping millennials change the world

He’s a fountain of bullshit

The day I tried to become a Scientologist

One of London’s cheapest, weirdest days out

An open letter to the people who ruined chips in this country

Can you please leave chips alone (please)

A short defence of footballers who dive

They’re actually alright

Someone burgled George Galloway’s campaign bus last night

It has a big picture of his face on it

Is the Loch Ness Monster in the River Thames right now?

We can tell you the answer

Which Inbetweeners character is your uni?

We’re doing this again lol

Zac Goldsmith doesn’t know a thing about the Central Line

Or where QPR play

Edinburgh’s SU is ready to protect you from problematic hand raising

Guys don’t worry this is a safe space

We will always fill the floors of terrible nightclubs when Mr. Brightside comes on

It’s the song that plays when you should have left

Cringe of the Week! Totally normal girl Taylor Swift falls off a running machine

Tay is a normal girl just like you

Is there a single ‘essential Waitrose’ item that’s actually essential?

Ermmmm, not really

People who need lie-ins aren’t lazy and science backs them up

The world discriminates against people who need to sleep late

Wayne Rooney should never play for England again

Sorry Wazza

Let’s be clear: Kale is revolting and makes everything it’s with taste worse

It’s everywhere but it’s terrible

Wentworth Miller taught us that body shaming doesn’t just affect women

He wrote a powerful open letter about suicide and depression

Cringe of the Week! Donald Trump dances on a stage for four minutes

While a random dude serenades him

As a millennial all I want is an end to these articles about millennials

Enough is enough

Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff died today, aged 68

He was one of the greatest players of all time

What the fuck is the point of 1p coins?

Seriously, no one knows the answer

Some jobs Justin Bieber could do instead of greeting his own fans

Meeting the public made him ‘depressed’

Chris Smalling has the exact same voice as Moss from The IT Crowd

‘Did you see that ludicrous display last night?’

We asked an expert why foxes are so fucking brave these days

‘If you don’t want them in your garden buy a water gun and menace them a bit’

Don’t use the Brussels attacks as an excuse to talk about Brexit

…And someone did

A list of things from the 90s we need to get over

Your Tamagotchi died a long, long time ago hun

Prince Harry wants to go to university. But where should he study?

Trent is a pretty good shout tbh

One in five people would rather set £10 on fire than buy Coldplay’s new album

There are stats

A list of Tory MPs who voted to slash disability benefits while claiming huge expenses

What a lovely bunch

You need to watch this video of Danny Dyer transforming into a gawjus bird

Danny in drag > Danny in anything else

Do hangovers really get worse as you get older?

We asked an expert

This is what Germans think of Brexit

They’re really unimpressed

Donald Trump: The joke that isn’t funny anymore

It’s time to stop laughing

I would always rather have a comedown than a hangover

They’re superior in every way

Is it racist to fear immigration?

We asked the people

Daniel Cordas is making the most incredible custom sneakers in the UK

And he’s working on a pair for Stormzy right now

Justin Bieber has taken it too far with his tour merchandise

He’s gone full Urban Outfitters

Sport needs players who are arrogant, infuriating mavericks

They’re the one we’ll remember forever

Imagining Morrissey’s first 100 days as the Mayor of London

Yeah, he bans meat

Police are investigating gangs selling tissues on the Underground

They might have links to organised crime

Somebody managed to film inside Berghain

And it’s not what you’d expect

The true story behind the viral photo of an abandoned leg

We spoke to the man who took the picture

We asked an expert if London could fall

Like on those film posters

Laughing gas banishes traumatic memories, apparently

Pass us the cracker

A brief history of footballers who’ve been on Question Time

Joey Barton was as eloquent as you’d expect

MPs won’t let Charlie Brooker take the piss out of them

Satirical shows are banned from using parliamentary footage

We are just one month away from Drake’s next album

It’s dropping and you’re allowed to be excited

Learning to drive is pointless – cars are on the way out

We are crying out for a change

How Ludovico Einaudi became the soothing, low-key soundtrack to our generation’s lives

He is the Kygo of classical music

Secret Cinema is doing 28 Days Later for its next London project

And they’re announcing one in another currently undisclosed UK city

Jeremy Corbyn really, really rates Eastenders

He uses Phil Mitchell as a moral compass

Technology does not drive us apart – it brings us closer together

We should celebrate smartphones and Snapchat

Could Frank Ocean’s new album finally be coming out?

We’ve been waiting half our lives for this

Monday is nowhere near as bad as everyone says it is

Tuesday is way, way worse

There’s a company that’s promising to stop men from cheating on their stag do

It’s called Last Night of Freedom

The reasons why prosecco is the greatest drink in the entire universe

Everyone loves a bit of fizzy

There’s going to be a Cruel Intentions reboot and Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning for it

Her best advice was ‘to sleep with as many people as possible’

We had a front row seat at the gross-out play at the National Theatre that’s freaking everyone out

People have been fainting in the wings

I will legally change my name to Jack Dawson if Leo doesn’t win an Oscar this weekend

This is not a joke

If you can’t dance to Pitbull you’re probably shit in bed

It’s scientific fact

If you hate ‘Punch and Judy politics’, start planning your personal Brexit now

That Corbyn gag is just the start of it

Couples that last are great at two things: Shagging and talking

And a lot of the talk is about sex

KLEEK app got me wasted at a really expensive London Fashion Week after-party

‘It was a ghetto of cheek bones’

Which Simpsons character is your uni?

This one is really spot on

‘Generation Rent’ is taking over the London property market

Out with mortgages, in with dickhead landlords

You should never, ever wash your jeans in a washing machine

Get your toothbrush on those stains

I wish American celebrities would stop pretending to support English football teams

Tom Hanks doesn’t know shit about Aston Villa does he?

Old people are discovering Snapchat

The digital elders are coming

It’s really hypocritical for people who drink loads to criticise drug users

Look in the mirror mate

Virgin Australia just told Kanye West to ‘eat a d***’ on Twitter

The tweet has since been deleted

Poor Ed Sheeran literally ruins every photo he’s in

It’s getting awkward

BBC3 was supposed to celebrate youth culture but it never seemed to be on our side

The channel has moved online permanently, but mourning it feels strange

Coldplay just gave everyone a reason to leave Glastonbury early this year

They’re headlining the Sunday evening – and you’ll be leaving early

CourtNewsUK is the best way to understand London right now

The world would be so much worse without it

Getting wasted with Kanye West fans in Notting Hill

To celebrate the release of The Life of Pablo

Bankers who wear red ties are making the ultimate tacky statement

They are Donald Trumps of the financial world

Science says there are four kinds of couple

No, one of them isn’t the ‘really irritating’ couple

Realise how short life is as you watch this guy eat at every McDonald’s in London

James Ware did it in 24 hours

Justin Bieber wasn’t actually ‘Sorry’ for what he’d done

The song was about a girl

The best football gambler in the world is hiring

His statistical model beats the bookies most weeks

This video shows how 200 new skyscrapers will alter London forever

It looks completely different