Will Lloyd

We asked normal people if they were sympathetic to the junior doctors

‘The government has treated them disgracefully’

I’m not a ‘worse’ person because my parents aren’t married

They’re the happiest couple I know

Which football club has the worst fans?

It’s probably Liverpool isn’t it

UEA cruises past Manchester and Bristol in new university rankings

Sure, we go to a great uni

Which Harry Potter character is your uni?

Nobody wants to be Filch

25 things that every man should know by the age of 25

You’ve had enough porn for one lifetime mate

The things going to a private school for boys taught me about life

Poverty is ‘catching’, apparently

Some NUS delegates think it’s wrong to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day

There was applause

Who bought all the Sports Direct mugs in the kitchen?

Because we have NO idea

Good of Nick Clegg to campaign to legalise drugs, now he has no power

He’s talking the big talk

Which British monarch are you?

Hopefully not one of the ones that dies violently

Watch future NUS president Malia Bouattia endorse violent struggle

While condemning ‘Zionist-led media outlets’

If you’re over 60 you shouldn’t get a vote in the EU referendum

You’re going to be dead soon, Nan – sorry

We went to an event about Millennials run by some of the biggest brands in the world

They would like some of your money (duh)

Jamie Laing is really, really worried about money, guys

He doesn’t want to be doing Made in Chelsea when he’s 45

Five Guys makes me feel like a kid again

All about that soda machine

The Tab endorses Malia Bouattia for NUS President

She’s the only choice that makes sense

Which UK Prime Minister are you?

If you’re mean it’s Thatcher

The government is freaking out about anal sex

Politicians think it’s all about porn

Cringe of the Week! Meet Jay Shetty, the philosopher helping millennials change the world

He’s a fountain of bullshit