Amelia Fleming

‘It has a stigma that it’s just about medics stripping’: We spoke to the organisers of The Medics’ Reveal

It’s not just a strip show

Two women robbed at knifepoint in Newington and Southside last night

The attacks are believed to be linked

‘The English are w******’: Edinburgh lecturer reported to police after quoting Trainspotting on Instagram

No charges were pressed

I hate to tell you, but if you do any of these things, you are the flat goblin

Every flat has one

“It takes a lot for someone to speak out”: How we can help people with eating disorders

How to help yourself and your friends out

Edinburgh’s Business School are now offering three LGBT+ scholarships

They’ve partnered with Somewhere EDI

Unhealthy study habits are too common at university -it’s time we look after ourselves

The library shouldn’t be a second home

We spoke to girls in Edi about their experiences of sexual harassment in the city

How is this behavior still being brushed off?

EUSA announce plans for new role of Trans and Non-Binary Liberation Officer

Applications for the role open on January 14th

Edinburgh Astrobiology lecturer dressed up as an alien for his final lecture

What is happening here?

I went a week without using single-use plastic and it was more difficult than I thought

I didn’t starve to death!

What I’ve learnt from living with chronic pain at Edinburgh

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Why do less than half of women have an orgasm during sex?

The orgasm gap is a problem that is normalised within uni culture

Edinburgh students tell us their weirdest first date stories

“I can give you head on the stairs”

Transphobic stickers found on Edinburgh campus, saying ‘women’s sex based rights are not for penises’

They have been put up at the Students’ Association

Sexism is a big problem pole dancers face, we deserve more respect

Nobody deserves such objectification