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‘Wash your hands and don’t be racist’: York students react to coronavirus scare

York students have their say

Students at the University of York have had their say following the news that a student at the university was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The overwhelming sense was that York students are not panicking in the face of the coronavirus.

One student responded to The York Tab's Instagram by saying: "Wash your fkn hands don't be fkn racist."

Other students echoed their sentiments, with one saying that "Xenophobia spreads quicker than the virus" whilst another reminded students that they "need to realise not all Chinese students have recently been in China, stop the racist digs."

Some students are taking precautions against catching coronavirus, despite the risk of infection being low according to Public Health England.

One suggested that he would not go to uni until Wednesday, though he "will go Thursday/Friday if no one else gets it by then" whilst another argued that it's "not as deep as people are making about but any excuse to skip lectures."

There was some fear in the responses, with one user saying they were scared as they "have a bad immune system."

However, the fearful responses were minimal, with many responses seeking to reassure fellow students reminding them that the risk of infection is low.

The University of York issued a statement yesterday, reminding students that the university is a global community, that "values, celebrates and are proud of our inclusive and diverse community."

The university's statement also condemned incidents of racism which have recently been reported to the university. These incidents "have occurred both in person and online" and the "abuse and racism is linked to the current coronavirus situation."

The statement, released jointly by the Vice-Chancellor and presidents of both YUSU and the GSA, reminds "all staff and students that the University is a community of respect. All members of our community are expected to act in accordance with our shared values of respect, fairness and compassion, and to ensure that all aspects of our individual and collective behaviour adhere to, and reflect, these principles."

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