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York ice cream shop introduces vegan flavours

Actual ice cream, not just sorbet!

The Luxury Ice Cream Company , also known as LICC, have introduced new vegan flavoured ice cream to their shop. Vegan flavours are part of a new direction being taken by the Luxury Ice Cream Company, in order to cater to the growing demand for vegan ice cream.

These new flavours currently include "vegan praline, vegan fruit and nut and vegan chocolate to name a few."

Owners Stef and Kelly Blair commented on the growing demand for vegan ice cream.

"We're aware of the growing and popular demand, so we're super pumped to be introducing such a wide flavour range rather than your basic sorbets."

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Owner Stef and son Camden outside LICC

Stef and Kelly Blair, whom also run Thomas' of York , took over the Luxury Ice Cream Company back in September of this year. Whilst the ice cream parlour "won't be going all vegan" , the new vegan ice cream flavours provide a wider variety to cater for everyone. The Luxury Ice Cream Company now offer loyalty cards for all ice cream lovers in York.

These new vegan flavours are just the beginning at the Luxury Ice Cream Company as Stef told the York Tab,

"The possibilities are endless with the new companies we are working exclusively with to appeal to a wider market."

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The Luxury Ice Cream Company on Swinegate.

The shop is currently open seven days a week. On Monday – Friday 11AM – 5PM and on the weekend at 10AM- 5PM. The Luxury Ice Cream Company can be found on Swinegate in York.

You can find them here on Instagram at @luxuryicecreamco

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