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York has been awarded the 2019 title of ‘Best City’ to live in the UK

Are we really surprised?

In a vote consisting of 75,000 people, York has been awarded the glorious title of "Best City" to live in by the Luxury Lifestyle readers' awards.

This vote placed York above both Edinburgh and London which is understandable as the city is known for its rich history, including famous monuments like the iconic Minster and great Wall Walk. Not to mention its beaut brunch spots and array of quirky bars, it is pretty cool. No bias here though, promise.

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you have to admit it's a beauty

York being voted the best city is definitely not surprising to hear and gives its University students great bragging rights over students in other cities. Although it shouldn't be too much of a shock as, in 2018, York was placed fourth in the Luxury Lifestyle reader's travel awards, proving it to be a consistently highly rated city.

Of course this is not York's first and only title. This recent result correlates with other public rankings of the city: last year the Sunday Times rated York as the best place to live and a poll completed by the CV Survey this July showed York to be the happiest city to live in.

Ah, lucky us.