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Meet The Tab York’s new Agha-ny Aunt, Zara Agha, here to sort your life out

Friends with benefits? Awkward flatcest? Fancying your seminar tutor? We’ve all been there x

We all know that uni is messy, and it's a place where you'll find yourself in the weirdest of situations. Just one look at Yorfess and you'll see a surplus of dilemmas that are common to us all at uni.

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High School Musical had it right when they said we're all in this together, because we've all had at least one crazy experience at uni that didn't come with an easy answer.

I too have had my fair share of friendship drama, awful decisions, A&E trips, and regrettable pulls, so I thought I'd use the wisdom gained from each experience for the greater good and channel some of that good karma.

To make things easier for all of us at York, I'm here to answer and provide a solution to any relationship issues, friendship dramas, weird situations, or general uni life concerns that you may have.

So, what can you submit?

The messier the submission the better! Whether you've slept with all your housemates, have major flat drama, or are just worried about things at uni, I'm not here to judge you, I'm here to help you.

I know how hard university can be and that bad life decisions definitely don't help, but we all make them, so it's only right that we're able to talk about them without fear of judgement.

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I'm really in no place to judge, I'm 100% the messy friend of the group too

Please note that submissions will be monitored and checked for safeguarding concerns before they are posted, so all submissions may not be posted.

How can I make a submission?

All submissions will be anonymous, and you can submit them either through this Google Form, or we'll be posting a questions box weekly on The York Tab Instagram story.

Get sending your submissions in so I can feel marginally better about the bad decisions I've made lol x