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Plans announced to turn Salvos into a restaurant and flats

The owners have insisted the club is not closing down, for now

Salvation could be converted into a restaurant and apartments, after planning permission was submitted to the council.

The club's owners said they may need to relocate the club if it finds itself "unsupported by [its] surroundings," as nearby hotels have recently expanded.

They have applied for permission from York City Council to convert the current club building in to a restaurant on the ground floor with holiday apartments above it.

A spokesman for the club's owners McMillan (York) Ltd said: "It's possible that, at some point in the future, we could find ourselves unsupported by our surroundings and if that should happen, we may need to find a new home for Salvation and create something more appropriate in the existing building."

He also described the club as being "at the forefront of late night culture in York for more than 25 years, delivering late-night entertainment to locals and students with a focus on value for money drinks and a great, fun atmosphere created through music."

There is a promise from the owners to "take these values with them" when Salvos relocates, adding: “However, for the foreseeable future, Salvation will continue to deliver them at its home in George Hudson Street. The planning application we are submitting is just one future possibility.”

So, Salvos seems like it's staying put, for now at least.