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All the things York students really should have given up for Lent

A whole forty days without Salvos, are you mad?!?!

York students are bloody annoying, but there are a few things we could do to make ourselves seem a bit more, well normal.

We're a helpful lot here at The Tab, so here's a list of all the things you should have given up for Lent, but know we never ever will.


York students hate to admit that Salvos is really quite average, and is just like any hometown club you frequented when you were seventeen. Giving Salvos a miss on a Wednesday does wonders to your body and soul but, for some reason, no one can ever quite bring themselves to resist it's allure and give it a miss.

You would honestly be far happier watching Big Mouth in bed

Talking about geese the entire time

Note to first years: your friends and family from back home don't really care that there a load of temperamental geese stalking the Hes West campus.

It's also a poor choice of conversation when on a date, so take my advice and avoid talking about it at all costs.

Pesky fuckers

Pretending York is edgy

I hate to break it to the humble readers of The Tab but York really is not the Sussex of the North, nor is it as exciting or unpredictable as Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. So stop pretending that other unis are jealous of Blackbox and low key wish they could go to Drop all the time, they really don't.

Avoiding takeaways after a night out

Your bank balance would appreciate it if you don't spend that £6 on nuggets and chips, again. Besides, you have some left over hummus in your fridge at home, which is a far better snack to have before crashing out after a huge night out in Revs or Kuda.

Going to Hes East

There is literally nothing there that Hes West does not have. Yes, it may have a brand-spanking new Nisa and some pretty new builds, but it's surroundings resemble nondescript wasteland. Only go if you want to experience what it would be like to survive the apocalypse.

Don't be fooled by its superficial prettiness

Wearing York Sport merch in the library

Literally no one gives a shit that you're the social sec for the University's Handball team.

Getting the 66 bus

Sadly, these buses now never run on time and the queue to hop on from outside the library is always way too long and not worth the stress. Do yourself and your step count for the day some good and walk, (unless you live in Constantine where you don't have an option sweetie).

Miss you uni bus xo

Buying 'blue shit' from Stone Roses

You know the night is slowly slipping away from you when you rock by Stones at 11, already feeling a little tipsy and order pints of blue shit for yourself and your boys.

If you find that this is happening to you, stop what you are doing and run home before "Photograph" by Nickleback comes on and a mosh pit begins by the jukebox. Immediately.

Get out, get out while you can