Phat Fridays is moving to Mansion

We spoke to the managers ahead of their big move

Following the ensuing closure of The Duchess, Phat Fridays will be moving to Mansion Underground this September.

Phats, every York students’ favourite haunt on a Friday night, will have it’s last ever event at The Duchess this coming Friday, before moving to Mansion later this year.

In a recent post on Facebook, the organisers have announced an ‘End of Term Party’ happening this Friday June 17th. The post also goes on to say: “We’ll return in full force from Sept 2016 at our new home Mansion! We’re excited to start a new chapter in Phat Fridays history.”

The Tab spoke exclusively to Managers Ben and Ollie Webb about their big move.

What will change about the night?

We don’t want much to change to be honest, Phats is loved for what it already is. But the new venue does have a slightly bigger capacity, which means we can get more people in faster. There will also be a second room of music which we are pretty excited about. Apart from all that, we will have the same DJ, the same drinks prices, the same atmosphere and we’re even bringing Ian over, the much loved Duchess head doorman.

Did you consider any other venues?

All the venues in town that don’t already have a successful Friday night wanted to host Phats. Kuda, Fibbers and Mansion were all possible options but in the end we wanted to choose the venue that best suited the brand.

Why did you choose Mansion?

Mansion was the obvious choice as we could totally imagine Phats being held down there. It’s got the most similarities to The Duchess and it’s also the only venue in town that doesn’t have an ‘Official’ night, so it adds variety for the students.

What will you miss most about the Duchess?

The legacy… kind of like The Willow, The Duchess has had some huge acts and bands play on its stage over the years. When we started Phats back in 2012 we had no idea it would become as big as it has. We’re proud to have been such a big part in The Duchess’ story and we’re sad to see it go. I know it sounds weird but I’ll miss the smell of the place too.

Have you ever been to the strip club?

Haha, no we haven’t! But good news! The strip club won’t be open during Phats. It will only be open on Fridays out of term time.