Why you should be nice to shot girls on a night out

I tried being one but couldn’t hack it

I was recently hired and trained as a shot girl, but despite desperately needing the money I quit before my first shift. I saw the job online while procrastinating and was attracted by the convenience of choosing when to work, getting paid to be in a club, and making my own unlimited commission.

For those who don’t know, a shot girl is the club employee in a tight dress who walks around selling a tray of shots for double what they’d cost at the bar. Although this job may seem easy and glamorous, what I learned from my brief experience with this role was the quite the opposite. Shot girls have it hard, and here’s why.

Dealing with creepy men is seen as just part of the job

The training gave tips on how to extract money from older men by flirting with them, how to deal with their sleazy comments, and avoid their advances… all while staying charming and friendly of course. Shot girls need to have the perfect fake laugh if they want to make any money.

You’re warned to be careful of angry drunk girlfriends

Warnings were given throughout the training of the dangers of getting too close to certain guys in the club. Shot girls have to mind read which males are taken and not get too close when selling shots, or there’s the danger of being glassed by an angry drunk girlfriend.

Shot girls have to put up with a lot they shouldn’t have to

You have to be sober in a crowd of drunk people

The bartenders don’t know how lucky they are not being forced to walk endlessly around a smelly dancefloor, being bumped into by sweaty drunk people screaming the lyrics to songs you’re not allowed to dance to. Any drinking is strictly against the rules in this job, and as a result shot girls are forced to stay awake and smiling until two or three in the morning while everyone else is having the time of their life/ throwing up in the club toilet.

You always have to look good at work

All in a day’s work

The requirement of a full body photo in the job application was a sign appearance mattered in this job, and that was understandable given the nature of the work. What I didn’t expect was that when I turned up to the training shift, I would be surrounded by girls who looked creepily similar to me because the company had a “type”. We were then told that if we turned up to a shift with flat shoes, if our hair wasn’t freshly washed or our makeup wasn’t good enough then we’d be in trouble. All of this seemed slightly ironic knowing I’d be wearing a bum bag all night.

You have to wear heels for a whole eight-hour shift

The first shift I was assigned required me to turn up to a bar at 12:30 IN THE AFTERNOON, wearing heels and a black bodycon dress to sell Jagerbombs for eight hours. Ignoring the fact I’d look like an overdressed tit, who the hell wants to be approached with a shot at lunchtime? The thought of being laughed at for an entire afternoon was a dealbreaker.

All of the above, along with the awkward thought of explaining my job to (judgmental) people, meant I gave up before I even started. That said, it’s a lucrative, flexible job, and I respect the girls who have the work ethic and confidence to do this job on a regular basis. I’m sure it pays off when they’re buying rounds for everyone on their own nights out.