Popworld voted the worst club in the UK

‘I’d give it a 3/10’


Despite the stunning facilities and classy clientele, Popworld has been voted the worst club in the UK.

The poll, by AccommodationForStudents.com, found any Popworld in the UK to be worse than every other nightclub.

Popworld caters to a very niche crowd. If you enjoy even a tad of personal space and fragrant air on a night out, this is not the club for you.

The teeth. The age. The venue. The horror

The revolving dance floor presents its unfortunate dancers as a veritable buffet for the charming locals to target. It doesn’t turn fast enough to counteract the spinning in your head and the lights aren’t quite dim enough to pretend you didn’t see the face of the guy you were dancing with.

I canvassed the opinions of some of York’s biggest names to find out what they thought about one of York’s (and the nation’s) most infamous venues.

Students, please don’t be this keen for Popworld

Harri Brown, Tab York editor, said: “If you look past the extortionate drinks, DJ and cramped space, it’s just a shitty version of your junior school disco.”

Juan, a second year Politics and International Relations student, said: “It’s just shit.”

York’s clubber of the year and all round campus legend Joshua Kerr gave this critical review:

“As York’s clubber of the year the fact I’ve only ever been twice speaks volumes. My memories are that the DJ wouldn’t take requests and then someone spilt drink on the revolving dance floor so everyone had to get off. It’s not a big venue and having a large pillar between the dance floor and the Bar doesn’t help, the staff were all pretty friendly though.

“I can definitely think of many places in York I’d rather go clubbing but I wouldn’t say it’s the worst place for a night out in the whole of the UK.”

You won’t find Mr. Kerr in Popworld on a Saturday

Keen freshers Abigail Kempson and Abbie Anderson described Popworld as “the perfect freshers ‘I’m too drunk to be let into salvos yet so let’s sober up by singing our hearts out to bangers at pop world first’ place”.

York celebrity and Lincoln based band member Phil Gale said: “I once saw this group of 40+-year-olds participating in a five-way kiss, it was like something you see when you flick past the nature channel which haunts your dreams for years.”

A popular campus BNID (big name in Derwent) who wished to remain anonymous gave Popworld an extremely fair 3/10 saying “there are worse places” and “if the drinks were nicer it would score a solid 7”.

Our final thought comes from gap year wanker and star Tab contributor Callum McCulloch who had this to say: “The music may be cheesier than fondue night at Dale Winton’s, but you can’t argue with the deals they offer on VKs. It’s an utter shit hole, but that’s precisely why we love it.”

Quality of the music available epitomized here