Lancaster water polo player accused of sexist jibes at Roses

Third year posts picture accusing man of yelling ‘I’d do you number 7’


A Lancaster water polo player told York girls he would “do them”, called them “sluts” and told them to take his comments as compliments. 

The “sexist and lewd jeering” occurred during Saturday’s Roses Water Polo match.

Third year Hannah Ruddle took to Facebook to air her anger at the boy’s behaviour.

Hannah wrote: “Tonight women’s water polo absolutely smashed it at ‪#‎Roses2015‬, but unfortunately suffered sexist and lewd jeering from the crowd, particularly this guy, who is men’s number 2 on the water polo team who yelled ‘I’d do you number 7’ and told me to ‘take it as a compliment’ when I stood up to him.

“We also have his name despite him giving me a fake one. If you could please drop a tweet to Lancaster SU (@LancasterSU and @LancasterUni) so that they take some action mentioning what happened so they can’t ignore it. A tweet to @Uniofyork would be great too!

“If you want to tag me my handle is @roodlay. Hopefully this will prevent this type of ingrained sexism being normalised within sports and universities in general. It would be great if the first years next year aren’t taught to expect it as part of their uni life. Thanks!”

The third year told The Tab: “He initially yelled through a megaphone ‘I’d do you number 7’ to a female swimmer.

“When I stood up to the bloke his reply was, ‘take it as a compliment.’ He also called a female swimmer a ‘slut’ after she ignored his catcalls.

“The support has been really encouraging, both from York and Lancaster students and alumni. Lots of people have united against a sexist minority.

“If this social media campaign encourages at least one person to realise sexism in sport is wrong then it’s been a success.”

Lancaster Uni has started an official investigation after receiving the initial complaint. They have told The Tab that: “harassment of any kind goes against Lancaster’s values and is viewed very seriously.

“Lancaster’s Provost, Professor Amanda Chetwynd, has been in contact with the York student and is being kept informed of the investigation by LUSU.”

Rumours are circulating the man may be suspended from Sport.