Cheerleaders ‘disappointed’ over Roses trailer boob shot

It’s all gone tits up

The York Hornets are not angry, but “disappointed” over a shot in the Roses trailer which shows just their chests. 

The team were asked to prepare a full showcase of stunts for the trailer – but ruthless producers cut the clip down to three seconds and removed their heads and bodies from shot.

Cheer president Milly Wickson tells The Tab: “Focusing on our clapping could be seen as a misinterpretation of what we really do.”

You can watch the Hornets clapping at 1.21.

This will be the first year the York Hornets will compete in the Roses tournament.

But Cheer president Milly Wickson said: “We were disappointed better footage could not be used.”

The squad had been asked by producers to prepare a full showcase of stunts, tumbles and dance for the video shooting, spending hours preparing them, which ultimately were not used.

Milly said: “I would encourage everyone to see for themselves what the sport is really about.”

And Milly isn’t the only Hornet to be left disappointed by the heartless editing.

Some have even tried to correct the trailer by adding in extra footage on Facebook.

The Hornets throwing some stunts during the American Football game on Friday

The promotional team did use a photograph of one of the male cheerleaders, Charlie Walsh, in the campaign.

Talking to the The Tab, Charlie said: “I feel great about being the face of the club. As a club, we’ve been trying to get Cheerleading into Roses for years. Now that Lancaster have finally been brave enough to accept our challenge, it’s an honour to be the face of it during our inaugural weekend.

“I think the sports officers did a great job in picking me to be in the promo material, as I represent a side to the club that perhaps wouldn’t come to mind when one thinks of a cheerleader.”

Earlier in the week York Vision posted an article regarding the Roses promo video.

A Vision source told us it was asked to be removed by YUSU. We asked them to comment and are currently awaiting a response.