It’s time to vote for the most powerful student in Oxford

Tab Power List = Hall of Fame

It’s that time of year again: you’ve nominated the biggest players in the Oxford University scene, and we’ve narrowed a huge 105 down to a meagre 18. These are the people with multiple nominations, extraordinary achievements, compelling nominations or just pure personalities. Vote for the one you think deserves to top the Oxford Tab Power List 2017.

Alex Curtis

The current youngest deputy mayor in the country, Alex is a clear contender with the greatest number of individual nominations. He’s been involved in journalism, societies, the Union, Conservative, Association, and everything in between.

George Penny

Mostly seems to be renowned for the Oxford look, really. “Wears a tailcoat and gown everywhere. Normally some Doctor Who memorabilia too. I thought the gown was just a lecture thing, but then I saw him at the union with it on, which led me to believe it was a more general university-events type thing. But then I saw him out for lunch on a Sunday in Bills with his girlfriend who had come to visit, and guess what he was wearing? Gown. I mean, there’s loving the Oxford aesthetic, and then there’s this. Man must stop.”

Rosie Coleman Collier

A second-year English student, Rosie’s editor of the ISIS magazine, arts rep and has been described as an “all round cool Northern lass”.

Chris Zabilowicz

A second-year law student, Chris is Union librarian, running unopposed for Union president this term. We’ve received assurances that he’s “also lovely <3” and “the greatest Union hack of recent times”.

Hamish Smeaton

Receiving three nominations as an “ultimate sesher” and hosting epic pres, Hamish’s greatest achievement is said to be passing out after a crewdate and yet making it to the late Wahoo three hours later. “It took Jesus three days”.

Harry Forbes

Gained notoriety for challenging someone to a duel over a college wife. Lord of Sealand. Carries a cane. Epitomises the spirit of Oxford University.

Imogen Learmonth

Nominated twice for being Australian. “She is good friend. She is warm. Her boobs have grown 2 sizes recently. She is JCR prez. Very good.”

Redha Rubie

Notorious political hack, member of OUCA and Oxford Union. ‘Famously binned. Famously moral.’ Made it into the latest episode of Shark Tales.

Oliver Skan

“Oliver Skan is an all-round talent. When he’s not DJing at various events across Oxford, he’s sending theatre audiences into hysterics with his exceptional comic timing and oh-so-cheeky grin. You’d think with a schedule like Oliver’s there’d be no time for studying – but you’d be wrong. Despite juggling more commitments than a two-timing boyfriend, Oliver managed to finish top of his year in Medicine. A true polymath if we’ve ever seen one.”

David Kim

Has an Instagram fan account dedicated to him with over 400 followers, described in his nomination as ‘King of the Dab’. Goes by the names ‘Dabvid’, ‘Davape’ and ‘Davweed’ interchangeably, although this just may be rumour.

Laali Vadlamani

Treasurer-elect of the Oxford Union, former president of the Majilis Asian society. ‘General BNOC’.

Josh McStay

“Josh’s pre-university feats of running the Carlisle clubbing scene and twice being voted Carlisle United fan of the year weren’t enough. Since coming to Oxford Josh has been Managing Director of Oxford Student Publications Ltd., written for every national newspaper worth reading, and even spends his vacations building churches in The Gambia.” Also ran a Twitter account called @TeamGB, apparently.

Kathryn Cole

Running for Oxford SU president (‘due to win by a landslide’). All-round nice person, she established Suscam, OUSU’s campaign for suspended students, and the Oxford Mental Health Support Network. As if this wasn’t enough, she’s also a big figure in the sailing world and a sports writer.

Simon Jagoe

“Huge social media presence”. Facebook bio has a link to mothman sightings entitled “check me out here”. Current member of the Oxford Union standing committee and has the greyscale Union picture to match.

Ella Harding

As a freelance model and creative director of a UK branch of an Italian handbag company, Ella has still somehow managed to survive until her third year of human sciences. Single-handedly, she manages to create, design and budget fashion shoots professionally, while still managing to be an all-round socialite.

Paul Ostwald

Founded the ‘Journal of Interrupted Studies’, a peer-reviewed academic journal which publishes the work of refugee academics. Not only this, he has been nominated for multiple German journalist awards. Why Germany, you may ask? Because he covered the US elections, from Washington DC, for German business daily Handelsblatt.

Tom ‘VE’ McQuillin

A third-year PPEist, Tom’s best known for his ‘business profile – a welcoming face to the terrified freshers, enticing them into the wonderful world of fresher’s week through Varsity Events. Everyone knows him, even if they don’t really know him. Oxford’s top scorer in college football. Also co-ran Bridge Thursday for over a year, which makes him a legend in himself, really.

Antony Petrenco

VP Finance of Oxford Rag (charitable arm of OUSU), Sponsorship Officer and Social Secretary for Oxford University Rugby Fives Half Blue Squad, Brand Ambassador for Deloitte and ICAEW, Captain of Lady Margaret Hall Tennis Team, Member of LMH Squash Team, Student Rep for Varsity Events (works door for Bridge Thursdays Oxford’s biggest student night), Sponsorship Officer for Lady Margaret Hall Ball 2016, Executive Committee for LMH’s Fresher’s Week, Directed a critically acclaimed student production of Euripides’ Medea. So yeah, not much, really.