MDMA Bingo

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The Switch nights at the O2 Academy, bringing Mosca and Disclosure amongst others to Oxford, have been a strong addition to a city’s nightlife which is providing more and more house and garage music to those who want it.

In addition to this the Simple, Subverse and Free Range nights are going strong though at these nights you’re less likely to see geezers raging after eight pints of Carling, but rather hugging and making plans for the future they definitely won’t see through when sober.

Here we provide a bingo card for those chats you’ll hear in the smoking area of these nights.


1 point:

•“Are you having a good night? I am having such an awesome time!”

•“Hey man, I really like your plain white t-shirt! You look so impressive.”

•“Hello there! Just enjoying your drink there, are you? Cool. Take it easy.”


5 points:

Drop it like its hot

•“I’m just so happy I have such amazing friends and that we’re all having such a great time together!”

•“Why do we never hang out that much?”

•“I would absolutely adore going for coffee with you this week! Let’s swap numbers. Again.”


10 points:

•“No-one understands me quite as well as you, man.”

•“Would you like a spare cigarette? In fact, take the whole packet. You deserve them.”

•“Mate, we have to live with each other next year! I can call up the estate agents right now.”

Say goodbye to 5th week blues