Quiz: How long you’d last on The Apprentice based on your Notts student habits

If you cant even make it to your 9am, you’re not making it to the final


With only one week left until the final, we are nearly done with this year’s run of The Apprentice and it’s safe to say its presence has been missed. This year’s cohort is once again filled with big characters who all have an “every man for himself” mentality, ready at a moments notice to turn on their teammates in the boardroom.

If you found yourself hating your flat by the end of freshers, the Apprentice house would have you into that taxi in the first few weeks, before anyone really learns your name. Still, we all end each episode swearing that we’d be more successful, though up against the likes of a turd toothbrush and “Bouji Cruises”, you might have a viable point this year.

In reality though, skipping your seminar reading every week or binning off your Thursday 9am for Crisis the night before doesn’t quite tick off Lord Sugar’s criteria for a business partner. If group projects aren’t quite your strong suit at uni, you might want to rethink your chances – a society bake sale in the Portand building doesn’t quite live up to selling safari and wine tours in South Africa.

The 250k investment sounds incredible, especially in comparison to Lidl’s finest baked beans, but if your tutors have no idea who you are, you probably wouldn’t even make it to the final five. Now it’s time to put that superiority complex to the test – find out whether you’re fit for the boardroom, or if a TikTok career like Nick Showering is more your style.

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