UoN’s Fashion Soc held a strip teasing fashion show at Bierkeller to raise money for charity

It included a strip tease from Rugby boys

UoN’s Fashion Society collaborated with the university’s student-led fundraising organisation Karnival to host a fashion show at Bierkeller on Thursday 25th of November.

Tickets were sold for £10 each which included entry to the show, a free shot from the venue, and entry into Popworld as an afterparty. Revenue from the ticket Sales were in support of Unseen UK, The Friary and Save the Children.

Bierkeller’s doors opened at 6pm, with the show starting a little over an hour later. The show consisted of three rounds of model catwalks, with every model being a student at UoN, followed by dance performances and a strip tease.

Photo credit Finn McKenzie

Clothing was sourced from a range of local slow fashion and vintage shops, including Bubble Vintage, Braderie, 101 VTG, Sneakrverse, Fourty Two and K. Fines Jewellery.

The night started out with the models walking the runaway in a range of outfits generously donated by the retailers for the night. After this first section, the show paused to welcome members of NU Dance who then performed their routine for the audience.

Photo credit Finn McKenzie

The dance performance then ended and another round of model walks ensued, showing a range of different Autumn and Winter looks.

Medics Rugby were next to step up to the plate as they had also been invited along. In the classic rugby uniform of blue shirts and chinos they took it in turns to strut their stuff- but the clothes did not last long.

Photo credit Finn McKenzie

For the second part of the Rugby boys performance there was very little fashion going on and a lot more skin, with some of the guys wearing little more than a thong and suspenders. If you heard screaming in the centre of town on Thursday night, just know it was most probably coming from the crowd in Bierkeller.

After that performance, the night retreated back into the more fashionable tone held earlier in the show. The models returned for one more catwalk, before the Fashion Society’s very own Committee took to the runway to celebrate the night’s achievements.

Photo credit Finn McKenzie

Karnival Events Co-ordinator Helen Su told The Tab Notts: “A large scale event like this is exactly the kind of thing we look to get involved with, its the perfect opportunity to raise money for charity whilst also doing something fun and creative.”

Fashion Soc’s President, Christiana Soteriou said: “[Thursday night was] beyond anything I could ever put into words”, adding that “anyone involved should be incredibly proud, nothing would have been possible without them.”

All images courtesy of Finn McKenzie, @thebestfinn_ on Instagram.

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