Missing your pet whilst at uni? Here is our animal lover’s guide to Nottingham

Getting out the house has never been so adorable

With the academic year slowly coming to a close and exams and deadlines coming at us from left, right and centre, sometimes everyone needs to get in touch with a bit of nature to help bring themselves back down to earth for a bit.

Whether you are an avid animal lover with some free time, or just someone looking for a very cute distraction from impending exams, here is a five stop animal lover’s guide to Notts. Including some of the most convenient places to go and get your animal fix.

Feed some baby goats at Stonebridge City Farm

This little farm located just outside the centre of town is a registered charity and free to enter, although donations are much appreciated. From chickens and ducks to pigs, goats, cows, and horse, it really is an animal lovers haven.

For those of you missing pets at home, a calf might not be exactly like your Labrador, but we hope it’s close enough.

Visit the birds at the Arboretum

Perfect for a sunny stroll as a well needed revision break, this pretty Victorian park right by the centre of town and Nottingham Trent’s city campus has plenty of ducks and squirrels to fill that empty animal hole in your life, as well as an aviary with colourful birds aplenty.

Just try to avoid accidentally attracting too many squirrels if you choose to have a picnic, as they are known to be quite proficient snack-stealers.

Bask in nature at Highfields lake and the lake at Jubilee

Now these are possibly the most convenient spots for nature-related exam stress relief, especially since they are in such close proximity to the libraries every UoN student is no doubt using to cram in that last minute revision.

At Jubilee, the geese and a range of other pond dwelling birds are not the only attraction as the lake is is also home to a huge amount of very enthusiastic fish ready to greet you the moment you get close to the water.

They can’t do your work for you, but they sure can provide a smile in between exam prep.

Get your kitty fix at the Kitty Café

Found in town, The Kitty Café is definitely a good location for anyone out there missing their feline friends. You can grab a bite to eat and a drink to enjoy, all whilst being surrounded by a collection of very friendly cats.

If you’re looking for some kitty company, you know where to go.

Admire the deer from afar at Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

Last, but not least, probably the most well renowned spot in Nottingham for engaging with a little greenery and nature is Wollaton Park. A great place for animal lovers wanting to catch a glimpse of the deer famously situated there.

It’s also just a lovely place in general for a summer’s day walk and an ice cream. Plus, there are several pubs along the walk from the park back towards Lenton and town, make of that what you will.

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