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We spoke to the Nottingham second year who won £37,000 on a game show

Imagine how many VKs he can buy with that


While most second years will have spent their summer doing a soul-destroying internship or pulling pints to make a bit of money, this Nottingham second year won £37,000 on the BBC game show Who Dares Wins.

Charles Brown, who studies Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, won the game show this summer which consists of guessing a certain number of titles under a topic such as 'Grossing films since 2013' with a partner you have never previously met (see Charles below with his partner Nisu).

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As a bit of a gameshow junkie, Charles had already reached the final stages of the Mastermind auditions, but it was 'Who Dares Wins' who really wanted to screen his impressive general knowledge.

Curious to know what a 19-year-old does with £37,000 (15,000 pints at Wetherspoons?), we had a chat with Charles.

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How do you go about applying for this kind of thing?

It's actually surprisingly easy, it's just a link on the BBC website, I've applied a lot but this was the furthest I've ever made it.

Can you rehearse for the general knowledge questions?

No not really, it was mainly luck based, I think I got quite good questions – 'Film' and 'Geography' were definitely the better topics to have been given. 'Top 100 pro golfers' was too although I can't believe thats what we lost on – I'm actually Vice Captain of Golf soc.

Any backstage gossip?

After I won, I got sent back into this green room where everyone else is. It was immensely uncomfortable because you're sitting next to all the competitors who didn't win anything and they're very much aware of the sum that I had won.

What will you use the money for?

I'm definitely having a good summer – I've just got back from Benicassim but other than that I'm afraid it's pretty boring, my parents are making me put it into savings.

Congratulations to Charles!