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These are your favourite Nottingham club nights as starter packs

Guess what this one is


Whether we want to deny it or not, starter pack culture is at its peak and it's about time some were created for the best (or perhaps worst) club nights in Notts.

From Crisis to Ocean, we've got the starter packs ready so you newbies know what to expect when walking (or stumbling) through the doors to each establishment:

Crisis @ Rock City

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Everyone's favourite Wednesday night out. All the staples of a Crisis night out: getting so fucked you lose all your belongings, the classic shirt and tie, 'We Are Crisis' photo that you will post on every social media you have an account for, waiting at the queue for ageeeees trying to buy jäger bombs for you and all your mates, and of course the standard pack of 20 Sterling Dual fags.

Lemonade Mondays @ Pryzm

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What's more representative of a Pryzm night out than a VK? It's the only acceptable drink to have during a night out there.


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Get ready to drop it like it's hot because you're about to get down to some dirty bass drops under almost strobe lights that would come with a warning on telly. If this isn't your style, you can always pop over to Rescue Rooms next door for some chill indie and feel like you're superior to your nitty mates while drinking a 'Mr Brightside' pitcher.

Indie Wednesdays @ The Bowery

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For those who didn't get Crisis tickets or for those who think they're above it all. Indie Wednesdays is full of corduroy wearing, Killers loving students who are ready to splash their cash on as many £1 Jäger bombs as their student loans and livers will allow.


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If Red Stripe tinnies and Jäger bombs with coke instead of red bull, for some reason, is what you're after, then you've come to the right place. But you won't be sober enough to notice any of that anyway. Good luck trying to navigate yourself around this labyrinth to try and find your mates.

Yoyo Thursdays @ Pom Pom

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Undoubtably the 'white girl' night out of choice. The best part of a night out at Pom Pom is that they sell lollipops in the bathroom which guarantee to improve anyones night out.


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Filled to the brim with sweaty second and third years who won't hesitate to take their shirts of and swing them wildly above their heads as soon as a 'banger' (aka Baywatch theme tune) comes on. Good luck trying to get to the bar, it's hard enough with how long the queues are let alone when your shoes get stuck on the unbelievably sticky floor.