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These are the conclusive things that piss everyone off about lectures

The bane of student life…

Lectures… whether you attend them or not lectures can be notoriously tedious. And of course, there is a real reason behind why uni students have the infamous reputation of not attending them as often as they should do.

Here is a conclusive list to why lectures are often seen as something students force themselves out of bed for rather than as expanding their educational knowledge.

Too tired to be lectured

That one lecturer who has no consideration for the time it takes to writes notes and speeds through the slides

In these lectures the lecturer skips through the slide show far too quickly while your sat there trying to slave away to get all the information down.

The lecture then finishes 20 minutes early because of the lightening pace the lecturer whizzed through the content in. Your then left sat there wishing the lecturer just took their time so you were able to finish your notes and make them look more presentable than the bomb site that has gone off on your page.

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Can anyone decipher this?

The lectures where the only useful content is given in a thirty second burst of light speed.

This is when there is a sudden rush of typing on keyboards followed by a unified sigh because there was literally no chance to get the information down.

This is especially annoying when your lectures are not recorded. Yes there are still some courses out there which suffer due to unrecorded lectures.

The no-point-in-attending lectures

There is nothing more annoying than that feeling when you could rather be in bed than sat in the lecture hall.

This is the case when the lecturer gives no extra input than the information that is nicely typed up on the slides – meaning there was no reason in dragging yourself down to the auditorium.

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Covering more context than anything else

Everyone has been to those lectures when 80% of it is based on some context which you will not be using.

It especially applies to those lecturers that spend an hour and a half discussing an authors life from the day they were born to the day they die without mentioning the book they wrote once.

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The lectures riddled with coughs, sneezes and Fresher flu

Those lectures where all around the room coughs echo and colds are filtered through person to person.

Every individual cough triggers another person until everyone in the lecture has eventually coughed – even the people who sit there turning a bright shade of crimson trying desperately to hold it in.

The lecturers who stop everything to denounce your poor timing in ariving late to their lecture

Everyone has had the misfortune of walking into the wrong lecture late.

Not only do you have to scurry into the lecture to ensure minimal disturbance and usually settle for a keeno front seat unless you are fortunate enough to make eye contact with course mates – on rare occasions the lecturer might be one of those who really loves timliness.

These lecturers that put the whole lecture on hold as you scuttle in trying to draw minimal attention to yourself just to make it clear they hate non-punctual people.

Better yet those lecturers that tell you to leave because it is not worth your attendance after being 5 minutes late.

Those lectures where you went out the night before and have no idea how you got there…

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If you haven't got it already lectures are a pretty flawed way of teaching. Especially due to the fact we are in heaps of debt paying for them and even the worse… the reality that for the past few weeks we are not even getting the contact hours we have payed for due to the strikes...