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How to be as a plastic paddy this St Patrick’s day

You have one annual pass to be Irish, use it wisely

St Patrick's day is one of the most widely celebrated cultural days around the world. Whether you're a homegrown Irishman/woman or you just want to pretend to be Irish for one day, the 17th of March will embrace you with open arms.

I've delineated the things you will unduly expect on this day, the ways to channel your inner plastic paddy on this green and patriotic day:

Wear green everything; makeup, hair, clothes…

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Raglan Road in Nottingham has its own leprechaun called 'punjabi paddy'

Green is the national colour of Ireland and is worn with pride on the 17th to signal you're celebrating the event. Your first step towards getting involved is to wear your brightest green garms. If you don't own any don't worry, there will be leprechaun hats flying around your local Irish pub.

Bonus brownie points if you're inventive with your cultural appropriation e.g. green eyeshadow, green dyed hair, green suits.

Lots of leg-kicking and dancing

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This is how you'll feel after a night of Irish-dancing

Whether or not you know how to, it's compulsory to attempt to Irish dance your way through St Paddy's day. Irish songs are upbeat and you'll find it hard to stay still watching those around you jigging to their hearts content.

Most people will be amatuers, or be too drunk to show off their talents, so don't be shy, you'll be applauded for your willingness to try.

Embrace the very drunk/euphoric atmosphere

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The craic is mighty

The most widely held stereotype about Irish people is about their love of the liquor (no comment). Whether you choose to explore this area of Irish culture is up to you, but if you don't all is not lost.

You will find that your local Irish pub is radiating happiness, joy and pride for the Emerald Isle that everyone can bask in. If you don't appreciate the taste of a pint of Guinness, suck it up. This is the simplest, and best, way to celebrate this festive day!

So, get in contact with your University's Irish society and see where they're heading! One thing is for sure, it'll either be a night you're too drunk to remember, or one you'll never forget.