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Charitable Nottingham students donate clothes to the homeless who face sub-zero temperatures

Stop complaining and start contributing

Of the many unsung heroes to be found on Buy/Sell, the current frontrunners are Rowan Schindler and Miles Parry.

These boys are taking a break from complaining about uber surges to actually help those on the streets of Nottingham during the wake of what is known as the ‘Beast from the East’ – and we’re not talking about Skegness.

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The boys took to the buy/sell for charitable donations

Miles Parry, a third year mechanical engineering student decided to take action following a chat with his housemates about how many of the local homeless would likely freeze to death in the current conditions. He called up the council to ask about any existing efforts and was told to report anyone he found so that the council could go and check up on them or alternatively donate to the cause.

In response, Miles says that “while I did donate money, I also like doing it myself so I know exactly how the money is going to get distributed and used”, and subsequently posted on Facebook to spread awareness.

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Any donation makes a huge difference to the wellbeing of the homeless

Then, he wrapped up and headed into town himself to locate those who needed help. With another excursion on the cards this weekend, Miles has put all of the donations so far toward men like Keith and distributed food and clothes to others, even managing to move several into BnBs, hostels and shelters.

Next up is Nottingham’s philanthropic answer to Brad and Angelina: Rowan Schindler and Sivan Hyer. Like Miles, they realised that as cold as their budget student housing may be, the homeless were certainly worse off, especially at this time.

So Rowan took to Buy/Sell requesting any blankets or jumpers or socks in order to drive around the city centre and distribute the contributions. Rowan was bowled over by the response ”There are so many students that are willing to help it shows such a strong community”.

After a lengthy collection, Rowan and Sivan handed out what they had gathered together to the less fortunate both on the street and in the shelters that the police officers had directed them to.

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They're still looking for donations

Following their previous success, the dynamic duo are heading out on another collection and drop off this weekend.

To get involved either donate to Miles’ fundraising reference ‘Shelter” using the details:

Account number:12817284

Sort code: 40 06 30

Or message Rowan on Facebook to hand in any clothing you can donate.

So stay safe out there and think about those who may not have player layers or a fluffy hot water bottle. Perhaps mankind isn’t in as much trouble as we all thought!