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I tried a different alcohol for everyday of the week: This is what happened

Testing out my liver and student loan


Drinking is rightfully considered an art at university, and I like to think I have mastered its style and form. I love the 'sesh', so I don't see how challenging myself to a weeks worth of drinking everyday would be a challenge to me.

However – I soon realised that it was a huge undertaking, pacing and mixing drinks went on the week. To prove that this challenge is and was not as easy as it appears to be, I documented my week's worth of drinking a different alcohol for every day of the week.


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As a Uni of Notts student would know the beginning of the week typically begins with an awful 9am, but more importantly Lemonade Mondays at Pryzm. My chosen poison was the concoction of jager bombs and the orange VK. The jager bomb is a more tolerable way to consume a strong percentage of alcohol without the bitter taste which follows in spirits such as vodka and tequila. The combination of red bull and jager certainly means energy levels will not slack although it does say not to be mixed with alcohol on the can – but as any good student would do we drink it anyway

The result of the previous antics was a day full of heart palpitations and the inability to sleep so some would say successful although the work I produced in my 9 till 5 day following (on minimal sleep) was not as much.


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I transgressed to vodka later on in the night

Formal night in my hall, which during these formal dinners, allow each individual to consume a bottle of wine each over dinner – of which mine was demolished by the end of the first course. The wine I favoured was Echo Falls which would be more accurately named as ‘Echo Fall Over’ if it described the effect it has on people. So a piece of mild advice from me: never underestimate wine.


Wednesday is always one thing – a crisis. Every Notts student is aware that attendance at Crisis is a necessity for members of sports teams to attend of which I am and did. On the night, vodka was my alcohol of choice and it certainly did the job. I find it consistently gets you notably drunk and in a fast fashion too.

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Still drinking even when the lights turned on

The infamous vodka orange never goes amiss in the club especially Rock City and it goes down well. Although, vodka is at times undetectable in the midst of the beloved OJ leaving it dangerous with no chance of detecting how much you are actually consuming. Vodka then lulls individuals into a false sense of security in the way one minute you are a completely capable, stable clubber and before you know it you are suffering with a severe case of blurred vision, questionable dancing and the inability to remember anything from the night before.


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Proof of my journey to seshlehem

My Thursday sesh included a visit to Beirkeller for pre drinks, some hazardous dancing on tables, then a visit to YOYO Thursdays at Pom Pom. The consumption of Southern Comfort was planned for this night and the result of which is why I now call it southern discomfort. Lemonade and Southern Comfort goes down a treat but one too many can leave the individual feeling a certain discomfort in the morning.


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Messy end to the week

A Friday wouldn’t be a Friday at Notts without the visit to the exotic and far away destination of the extravagant Ocean featuring waves of VKs on the surrounding floor and sun kissed songs full of cringe and cheesiness.

Beer was my weapon of choice and by the this point of the week I can say I did not make it all I was meant to and I felt like I had been stabbed by some sort of liver altering weapon. But beer – is a different breed. By alcohol terms it’s relatively low percentage, but also slow releasing. Therefore by the time the beverages hit you – there is no return and no chance of accounting for how many beers you’ve actually had you just have to wait and see if a trip to the rammed toilets is on the cards.

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The grand total: 24 hours spent in clubs, 14 hours of scheduled attendance, minimal lectures attended, a lot of units of alcohol, and one damaged body.

Any conclusive result? Drinking five days straight most definitely has its challenges. One of which is the utter exhaustion that comes with it – but regardless of this, I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.