Revolutions in Ipswich is the home of the mid-life crisis

The never ending battle of Revs versus Sin

In Ipswich, Revs and Sin stand in direct competition for our clubbing nights out. Sin, as the cheap, cramped box it is, versus the seemingly classier and more “grown-up” alternative. Still, I and I’m sure many of my fellow hometown compadres would still rather a night in Sin than even a few hours in Revs.

I mean seriously, who can even remember what music they play in Revs? It’s easy to forget, especially after a few drinks you can’t pronounce and shots of many colours and variety. Sure, Revs is bigger, pricier and looks better than dear old Sin, but the clientele are also more mature – at least in age. Speaking as a girl, walking across the dance floor to the toilets and being oggled by men who look like they could be old enough to be your dad, quite frankly, isn’t wanted or needed.

Just let us dance ffs

Revs is filled with middle aged men and women, harking back to their long ago youths. You know what? Good for you. I have nothing against your mid-life crisis, hey it’ll hit us all someday. But one favour? Don’t bring us into those reminiscent fantasies. That’s not to say in Sin there won’t be some potentially unwanted attention, but at least there we can be relatively secure in the knowledge the only people mad enough to even go into that sweaty, sticky, box will be students.

Ipswich is the home of clubbing extremes, and it is only once you move away from the beloved home of the tractor boys, you realise there’s more to nightlife than Revs versus Sin.

So, dear middle aged men, by all means wallow in the grief of your lost youth and have a night out with the lads to pretend “you’ve still got it”, but leave us to dance and do shots on our own. That goes for the women too – some guys may want a cougar, but don’t force yourselves. Stay classy Revs.