Yeah Jubilee isn’t as good as Uni Park, but at least we’re not on Sutton Bonnington

Our campus looks like the set of Star Trek

Jubilee Campus, the lesser known, younger brother equivalent of University Park, either gets abused or ignored.

The first reaction you get when telling someone that you live on Jubilee is, “shit that’s far” but really, you disillusioned Uni Parkers, it takes the same amount of time to walk from Broadgate to Portland as it does to get there by hopper bus from Jubilee. So calm down with your sorrowful looks and “peak, you live on Jubilee” comments.

Having lectures on Jubilee is better because you avoid trekking up Portland hill or having to find the one and only staircase in Coates that leads you to your room, and instead walk along the lake desperately searching for the right building of the seemingly endless Business School.

Living here does have its perks, one of which is cheaper taxis which, a whole £2 cheaper, that’s an Ocean Jägerbomb guys.

Although it doesn’t take away  the fact that rooms on Uni Park are generally bigger than on Jubilee, or that pres at UP halls are just simply more eventful, we have to console ourselves with the simpler things. Like the architecture.

If you’re still doubting the gems that Jubilee holds, look no further than the abstract structures which exist for reasons that apparently no one knows.

Rumour has it that this was built as light-less lighthouse-esque structure to guide drunk students towards Jubilee after a heavy night out

There’s no denying that when it comes to oddly shaped buildings with unpronounceable names, Jubilee definitely wins.

What is this architecture

And on the trippy library front, we win again.

Hallward has nothing on the kaleidoscope that is Djangoly

If you have the odd lecture on Jubilee then it’s mildly exciting, getting the hopper bus to this otherworldy campus. But if you live on Jubilee, however much you tell yourself that you love it even though you’ve only spoken to the international student next door twice since September and going to a 9am on Uni Park means waking up a whole hour beforehand, ultimately it could be worse – you could be on Sutton Bonnington.