McDonald’s to introduce waiters in Nottingham

It’s time to McWait even longer

McDonald’s restaurants across Notts are set to be revolutionised with the introduction of actual waiters in store.

It seems the introduction of big, colourful, HD Ready, 4K touch-screens (that can’t understand that I’m a growing boy and I don’t want salad on my Chilli Wrap) were just the beginning, as servers will now bring your Big Mac directly to your table. The marketing team have settled on the inspiring – you guessed it – “McWaiter” as the official title for the new position. This follows a trend of the company and its franchisees to “Mc” everything they see in sight: “McNuggets”, “McCafe” and even bloody “McTime”.

Will we be expected to eat like this?

There’s a catch however to this new proposition. It will only be rolled out – at least initially – to stores that are one storey or have a drive through and have recently been refurbished. This probably means that post-night-out escapades to Maccies won’t provide you with the promised upper-class, bourgeois waiting experience as all the stores within the city centre are either multi-storied, or yet to be refurbished. Can you imagine the hassle they’d receive anyway? Jesus wept.


McDonald’s UK CEO Paul Pomroy said: “We opened 26 new restaurants last year and the rollout of our reimaging programme is transforming the way we serve customers, and has been a key growth driver.”

The programme has apparently been successfully trialled at 14 of its locations, so surely this can’t divebomb like so many other promotions in the past? Although don’t get your hopes up if you’re graduating in July – the service is set to be introduced by the end of year.