Ocean is the best night and we should all stop denying it

What other club lets you get naked?

Nottingham is renowned for its nightlife. Whether you’re into house, grime or plain cheesy pop, we’re lucky to have it all basically on our doorstep.

Yet there is one club guaranteed to divide opinion: Ocean. The biggest club in Nottingham, and pretty much everyone’s guilty pleasure. To all the people who claim Bodega and Rescue Rooms are superior, I think we all know you’re lying and shame on you.

That Baywatch feeling

Everyone can enjoy Ocean’s music, whether they admit it when sober or not. Just let out your inner Belieber and High School Musical loving self, we all know it’s in there deep down.

Yes, if you go to Ocean you will find yourself dancing hysterically to ABBA classics, Taylor Swift and Grease medleys, but who actually enjoys listening to Stormzy anyway?

Ocean plays the perfect combination of popular, catchy and cheesy. It is one of the few judgement-free sanctuaries where you see everybody come together and sing “Breaking Free” with equal amounts of gusto and confidence.

It all began in freshers’

And, for people who do complain about the sheer amount of cheese that The Big O is known for, there isn’t just pop. There is a variety, even if your memories of the night are clouded with singing along to One Direction with friends who have had just enough VKs and Jägerbombs to forget it isn’t cool to know all the lyrics to “What Makes You Beautiful”.

As well as the music, there’s the Ocean tradition where everything is bared, literally. Who can honestly say it isn’t a highlight of their night to be surrounded by masses of topless guys and in some cases girls, all sweaty and spinning t-shirts round their heads? It’s surely one of the only clubs where partially stripping isn’t frowned upon.

First year English student Chris said: “Everyone said in fresher’s week it would be shit but it’s actually my favourite night of the week”.

Third year English student, Jess said: “Ocean is everything. Ocean is my religion”.  A sentiment perhaps only the keenest Ocean-goers of us might share.

Ocean grows on you, and you learn to love it, just like an annoying but well-meaning and begrudgingly lovable family member.

So stop denying it guys, we all know that no matter how much you protest, once you get through those doors you’ll be breaking it down to ABBA, or crying to a Vanessa Carlton, just like the rest of us.

Taking a dip in the big O is a Nottingham experience not to be missed.