‘Our socials include dressing up as roast beef’: meet the ladies captains

These people are better at sports than you

As term kicks off, so does the sporting season.

Our teams boast Olympic athletes and international players, we are top of the BUCS league tables and we are looking to be victorious at Varsity once again. Here are the women who are going to make that happen.

Lizzie Sykes, Women’s Rugby 


What position do you play?

No. 8

What will you bring to the team as captain?

I’ve played rugby for about 8 years now so experience is definitely something I can bring.

I’d like to think I’m approachable, up for a laugh and I’m always open to new suggestions, we have a great committee again this year so I’m looking foward to working with them!

Who should we look out for this year?

Ella Whitehouse and Jade Dennett joined the team last year and they’ve already made a big impact as well as taking on roles on the committee so they’re definitely two to watch!

What are your best socials?

We have so many that are amazing but my favourite has to be the Welcome Social where everyone gets to know each other and have a laugh.

Any funny stories from tour?

What goes on tour stays on tour!

Why are you the best team at Uni?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never played before, we have players at all levels and everyone is welcome.

There’s always a great atmosphere and you get to meet so many new people, make new friends and generally have a lot of fun!

Meg Chalmers, Women’s Waterpolo


What position do you play?

Centre Back

What will you bring to the team as captain this year?

As it is my 2nd year as captain I will use my experience to improve on last years performance and continue to give the best motivational pre-match talks!

Who should we look out for this year?

Emma Williams – our goalie, who only started playing this position last season

What are your best socials?

Definitely the trunks and trainers social, especially with the addition of speedo dating this year!

Any funny stories from tour?

We didn’t have one as we were still recovering from the last one.

Georgie Knight, Women’s Lacrosse


What position do you play?

In goal.

Who should we look out for this year?

Naomi Hodson. Successful at scoring both on the pitch and at Crisis.

What can you bring to the team as captain?

As someone who is yet to miss a Crisis, I hope I’ll be a good influence when it comes to a Wednesday night, and hopefully the time spent together inside Crisis will translate into good teamwork out on the pitch.

How was varsity for you?

Unfortunately Trent refuse to play us because they know they’ll lose.

Hopefully they’ll get over themselves this year for us to thrash them.

What are your best socials?

The family socials joint with the boys are usually the biggest, with the most effort on fancy dress being put into the food themed one.

Each family is given a meal to dress up as and last year the costumes varied from some quite intense looking cows (roast beef) to slices of bacon as tall as the people wearing them.

Why are you the best team at Uni?

We welcome anyone who wants to join as we have a large squad of beginners who have never picked up a lacrosse stick before coming to Nottingham, as well as 3 BUCS teams, each playing in the highest league possible.

Over the course of the year everyone gets the chance to socialise with everyone else, regardless of what team they’re in, and the socials are generally nights to remember (if possible).

Issy Davison, Women’s Hockey 


What position do you play?

Centre Mid.

Why are you the best team at Uni?

We have 6 ladies teams that allows you to meet so many different people and create a great ethos through the whole club.

Our 1s compete in the top premier league and year upon year are getting promoted.

Who should we look out for?

We have a range of new talent as well as experienced players such as Maddie Sharpe and our goalkeeper Martha Baker.

What are your best socials?

If you’re in the Hockey team you’re automatically an avid lover of Crisis.

We also have Welcome socials, booze cruise and Christmas meals.

What do you hope for this year?

We’re hoping for a big one, we’re determined to come in the top 3 of the league and get promoted from Saturday league.