What a girl wants you to wear on Valentine’s Day

Wrap up

It’s that dreaded time of year again when the blissfully sickeningly happy couples go gallivanting off into the sunset leaving the singletons to watch 50 Shades of Grey at the Cinema on their own.

But what do we want you boys to be wearing when you arrive at our door with Sainsbury’s reduced roses and a bottle of their finest own brand Cava?

‘Just very nice shoes. Trainers are a no go.’

Trainers on a date = lack of effort. Smarten up any outfit with some good quality brown and black, preferably leather, shoes.

‘Suit Up’

The hit TV series aptly titled Suits has made the tailored look fashionable again and what guy doesn’t look 10 times better all suited and booted.

‘I’m all about that stubble life’

Its been decided with Movember that beards are the way to go. They turn any boy into a man and truthfully we like the way it tickles.

‘Slogan tees and large checked shirts are way too casual, I just don’t enjoy’ 

While these are a great daytime look, Valentines day is special. Don’t go overly casual and look like you’re just off to the pub with your mates.

‘My Valentine’s date doesn’t consist of clothes’ 

For the lucky ones out there, clothes will just get in the way, so dress minimally and in something you don’t mind throwing on the floor.