What a girl wants: The Christmas jumper

The women of Nottingham have spoken: this is what we really think about men and their Christmas Jumpers


The Christmas Jumper has quickly become the key feature in the run up to Christmas.

It can be a fail safe outfit choice for you lads, but what do women really think about this winter trend?

“As long as they own it and aren’t embarrassed. Confidence is what I’m going for I think, don’t be ashamed.”

So what your Aunt Gertrude bought you another snow flaked covered jumper that you can only get away wearing once a year?

Wear it. Own it.

“I’m a fan if they’re the patterned ones.” 

Repetitive eye watering patterns across your chest?

What more could you want in a jumper?!

“And I am fully appreciative of a Christmas pun or a cheeky one, it shows they have a sense of humor.”

Get your sense of humor out there even before you’ve opened your mouth.

“Hell yeah wanna snuggle up with them.”

Winter/hibernation season means girl’s neediness levels skyrocket.

Cash in on this with an extra woolly number to guarantee yourself a spooning partner.

“A dangerous line between Colin Firth in Love Actually and Ron Weasley if not executed well”

Christmas movies are in abundance this time of year, and with that the Christmas heartthrobs.

Be careful to look more dashing then dumpling this season, so steer clear of overly bulky fits.

“I’m sorry they’re all tacky to me.”

Don’t get too offended if you meet a Christmas Grinch.

You can’t please everyone.

And a finally world of advice this Christmas season…

We all can get into the Christmas spirit a little too much.

But don’t be THAT guy.