What do you think about my septum piercing?

So I got a fake septum ring off eBay and decided to wear it around campus for a day.

The septum piercing is a controversial one. it’s not a normal piercing. 

I only have two piercings in my ear lobes.

I have had other piercings in the past, just on my ears, but as I’ve grown up I’ve gone back to basics.

Facial piercings genuinely terrify me, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to try this particular strange piercing as an experiment.

I wanted to know what other people thought. Is it a cool accessory? Or does it represent everything anti professional about society?

Let me take a selfie..?

Walking down from Lenton to University Park this morning you get quite a few looks, mainly from older passers-by, but some students did give me a double take.

The green hair turns heads as well, but in a society where body modification is a social norm you feel a little bit out of place.

Hygiene factor is one to consider

Hygiene factor is one to consider

There were some peculiar responses.

“Nah not for me. But I’m a physicist- what do we know about fashion” said Mark Wildman, 2nd Year Physics.

“If you don’t mind me saying, you kinda make me want to drag you by the nose” said someone who preferred not to be named.

Others wouldn’t think twice about it: “If I were an employer, I wouldn’t hire you.”

“No, no. What are you a cow?” said Idnaan Naseer, 2nd year Languages.

With the bull ring removed

With the bull ring removed

However, not all the opinions were negative.

“I like it, in a sort of cute bull sort-of way” said  Jo Slattery, 2nd Year Classics.

“It really suits you, I haven’t seen many around campus which is probably why I’m intrigued.”

Aishani Sharma, 2nd year Psychology was very passionate.She said: “Body modification is great. To each their own, personally I love piercings and tattoos.

“I do think some people may go to extremes to do it which I can’t say is very appealing but frankly, if people do it to look and feel great I am definitely for it.

“I think septum piercings are really cool and different though.”

So overall the reaction was mostly negative but I did have a few positives.

I’m sad to say it, but it was expected.


Overall the septum got a thumbs down

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