Notts in GIFS: “So, what are YOUR plans for next year?”

Turn your graduation grumbles into shining nuggets of white lies.

As the penultimate term of many final year students draws to a close, we have all been purged by that annoying question: 

ask me what I'm doing

And most of us are thinking the same thing:

Instead, we vaguely mumble answers that circle around “urm maybe a Masters…?”


“Move to London…?”


“Go travelling?”


“Guilt my parents into supporting me?”

i could be a dru addict

There’s a whole lot of other fun things you could do instead though…

are you thinking what I'm thinking

Do a PhD in Muggle Studies at Hogwarts

it was devastating

Get an internship with  David Attenborough

i just love a good leaf

Slowly destroy the construction on tram network in Nottingham as an enrichment project


Start a new business making cupcakes/having a pretentious blog

business slut

Become an astronaut

space do 2

Become a Beyonce impersonator

just single ladies part

Weighing up all these options, one can’t help but feel there’s a little voice inside your head telling you something:

number of people who give a fuck

So do whatever you like as we are all in the same boat

youre welcome