12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Notts English Student

Apart from knowing your Malory from your Marlowe…

1. The frustration of being in a subject with 500+ students per year and still not warranting a building to ourselves.


2. ‘Preliminary reading’ means never to be read. Ever.

Your feelings about that 5 page bibliography in your module reader

3. Having anti-sexist feelings about having a ‘mixed social’ with Mechanical Engineering Society, yet completely understand why.

raining men

4. You secretly read this guy’s blogs and wish your essays could be just as fun.

http://quiteirregular.wordpress.com/ Oh the wisdom.

5. That feeling of mightiness when someone hasn’t read something you have. Even if you only looked at the Wiki synopsis.

Nicki judges

“Not read Canterbury Tales? You barbarian.”

6. Getting feedback on your essays and wondering why you chose an entirely subjectively marked subject.

wrong opinion

7. Knowing the reason you have little hours is to do all that extra reading but instead watching Great British Bake Off reruns.

I'm not even sorry

8. Going back to Moodle to check the lecture slides to find they are just a series of nonsensical images.

Erm...is this going to be in the exam?

Erm…is this going to be in the exam?





10. The judging looks you get from Science students when you have a lecture in Physics since you stick out like a sore thumb.

Just on our way to learn about protons.

Just on our way to learn about protons.

11. Your answer to what you’re going to do after you graduate

asay i work in media

12. Your actual reaction to graduating.