£354 stain on NUCA

Tory soc “unfairly” fined for damages at renowned Port & Policy event

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Once again the Nottingham University Conservative Association has come under fire for their renowned Port and Policy event.

Back in February, they were slammed for discussing the topic of rape and sexual assault.

Now they are being fined £354 for damaging 5 tables on account of wine and port stains, an astonishing £70.80 per plastic table that you’d normally find at a cake sale.


Societies and Sports manager notified NUCA by email…

Jenny Huynh, the newly elected President of the Tory society, felt the fine was excessively unfair and intends to contest it, having received no invoice or any photographic evidence of the damage.

“Funny thing is, we got an email about the damage on 29 April and I went straight to the SU Reception and the lady said they hadn’t tried to clean it yet, so I don’t know how long they left it to fester before trying to clean it.”

“It’s been a good few weeks since P&P and if they’ve only started treating the stains now, then that won’t have helped at all.”

“We were kicked out of the atrium before we had a chance to attempt a clean up.”

Luke Black, VP of NUCA, added, “It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

£354 for what looks like a tame event...

£354 for what looks like a tame event…

When asked if NUCA get unfairly treated regularly, having been banned from hosting events at several venues on campus already, Huynh felt aggrieved by the SU’s treatment.

“It’s funny – the SU has been slow to help us when we had trouble finding venues to hold P&P and the fact we get a pittance in grant, despite SU law telling us we can’t affiliate with the party so we miss out on funding from the party and can’t get sponsorship from companies like Deloitte or whatever.

But when it comes to money and damages, they are quick as lightning.”

NUCA com

Jenny Huynh and the 13/14 committee

Huynh admitted the P&P events were now infamous, but that without the use of venues on campus they would not be able to continue holding them.

She also claimed she is ready to improve people’s perception of NUCA’s members:

“First, P&P isn’t the end all and be all of NUCA – politics doesn’t stop at four walls.

However, as the new President, I am making it my mission to get rid of this crappy Tory Boy image we seem to project – we are most definitely not the Nottingham Bullingdon and I hope to repair our relationship with venues on campus.”