Boulle! Laing! Proudlock!

Made in Chelsea descended on Oceana last night, and Tab babes Rosie and Jenny were there to catch the mayhem…

francis boulle jamie laing Lost Boys made in chelsea oceana oliver proudlock

From Candy Kittens to ParDy Boys, everyone was trying to find Made in Chelsea’s Lost Boys at Oceana last night.

The Tab found Jamie, Proudlock and Francis surrounded by thousands of other fans, who were literally climbing over the DJ booth and each other to get a touch of one of the boys.

The Lost Boys..Laing, Boulle and Proudlock

Absolute mayhem ensued when the DJ announced “The Lost Boys are in the building”. Not only were The Tab deafened by screaming girls (and plenty of boys), crushed by the masses and coated in mixers, we were also TOUCHED BY FRANCIS BOULLE.

Raging Boulle..Francis poses for pics

Once word got out that the boys were on their way to Oceana, The Tab headed to the DJ booth to snap the scene and do battle with everyone else in the club.

The MIC studs began their night in the DJ booth where they spun tracks in full view of the adoring crowd.

After showing off his mixing skills and blowing out his candles, Jamie passed control over to Francis who treated Oceana to a great set.

Whether you were begging, pleading, screaming or crying many students at least got their hand held by Proudlock or Jamie who spent most of their time interacting with the crowd.

One student who fainted in the queue to meet the boys, but we’re hoping she got exclusive access to the boys anyway.

Worth fainting for? Well, one guy thought meeting the boys was definitely worth queuing for…alone and surrounded by girls. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that!

We weren’t the only ones queuing for the VIP

When we finally got to meet the boys, The Tab was instantly recognised by Francis (our official favourite) who greeted us like old friends by pouring Jägermeister down our throats.

We’re sold and we just can’t deny it any longer: Ocean was a jungle, but we loved the Lost Boys.

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