Lost Boys at Oceana: Spotted & Quoted

The funniest quotes and best looking people from The Lost Boys visit to Oceana…

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After all the excitement of the Lost Boys at Oceana it’s time to stop dreaming (girls) and wash that lucky right hand that grabbed at Jamie and Proudlock as Francis tried his talents in the DJ booth.

Admiration to all of you who queued (along with us) to gain access to the hallowed VIP lounge. A resounding judgment on all of you who said the following:

‘I know them. They’re my best friends, let me in!’

 ‘I know Proudlock’s cousin! I know it looks desperate but…’

 Pick me! Please!’ 

Dedicated fans…Any bystanders required scuba gear

And to those of you who made the – potentially worse – quieter comments, perhaps even more judgment:

‘I’m definitely hotter than all these girls here, so why won’t they let me in?’

‘If the Lost Boys met me, they’d love me, so they should just meet me!’

And our personal favourite: ‘It’s not like boys fancy them or anything so why did they even let boys come?’


The boys certainly made us all wait for their arrival. We wisely spent this time by finding the hottest pardy people in Oceana. Were you spotted?

Paolo “The Italian Stallion” Valerio, David Whitehead (who tried to convince us he was Jeremy Paxman’s son), Josh Bull, Hugh Stant

Scott Rosenberg, 2nd year – this guy was wearing a D&G belt, nuf said

Luke Noore, Gemma Ibbott, Sam Sharpley, Alice Pearcey, 3rd year (‘nearly 4th year!!’)

Freya Robertson, Grace Murray, 1st year…niiiice

Campbell Furniss, Lucy McCaddon, Boudicca Palmer Roberts, 2nd year. – Bouddica: “Perfect guests to my birthday!”

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