Sexual assaults on young people in Norwich have risen by a third

There have already been six more attacks this year than 2014

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The number of young people falling victim to sexual assault has risen by almost a third since the start of the year. 

There were 19 reported incidents in Norwich in 2014, but this has risen by a further six to 24 attacks.

Data from the Norfolk Constabulary examined the reports among young people aged 18-24 in Norwich City Centre.

These statistics do not include any incidents reported on campus.

We asked students what they think can be done to lower the figures and prevent further assaults.

English Literature student Aimei Li said: “The uni could give out free rape alarms.

“My friend has one and I wanted one so she’s getting me it for Christmas. They give out free condoms so why not rape alarms?

“I think more posters about it should be put up because I hardly see any, especially in toilets in the town.”

History student Bridget Tighe agrees that UEA could do more: “They should give out rape alarms”.

However, she goes on to say that maybe, because of the increase, more students are having the confidence to come forward.

She said: “If it is rising I would say it’s because there is more awareness on sexual offences, so more people are coming forward. So maybe it was always like that. We just never knew.”

SU Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer Jo Swo commented on the statistics, saying: “Given the shockingly low reporting rate of sexual offences the recorded crimes here likely barely scratch the surface – but whilst we should be pleased that more victims are finding the confidence to come forward, there’s clearly still a long way to go.

“Over the next year I’ll be taking ‘Good Night Out’ and extending it into Norwich so that can make sure students feel safe and confident to report harassment and assaults immediately.”