Fashion Editors Holly O’Brien and Chloe Lamb report on this year’s KAOS Fashion Show!

annual fashion kaos

KAOS’s 7th Annual Fashion Show was their best yet, with an exciting and varied evening that was not just about fashion but about engaging with cultures from around the world. With brilliant modelling, dancing, singing and help from all involved, it was a credit to the talent and support of UEA. A huge well done and thank you to the whole committee for organising such a fantastic show, and for your continued work for the New Hope Children’s Centre.

Retreat Vintage never disappoint. They offered a wholly versatile collection, from a chic turquoise ruffled gown worn with black gloves (Audrey Hepburn style) to retro punk t-shirts teamed with classic red Doc Martens. The Tab loved the way the clashing patterns of the pinstripe blazer and checked shirt were teamed together with neutral chinos to create a sophisticated vintage look.


Retreat was followed up by the African Caribbean Society, with their colourful, vibrant catwalk collection, and dancing so energetic it made us feel out of breath just watching them! Their catwalk was filled with features of traditional African dress that have undoubtedly inspired many trends in our culture today, from tribal and Aztec prints to wrap skirts.

Their dances, interspersed throughout the evening, were absolutely mind-blowing, from the energetic ‘twerking’ to the innovative and electric stomp-and-clap routine. Throughout the night were also amazing dance performances from Indian and Hindu Society, UEA Belly Dancing and a harmonious singing performance from the Glee Show Choir. Fantastic talent all round!

The African Caribbean Society impressed us with their dance moves – we wish we could dance like that!

The Ann Summers range consisted of some gorgeous pieces, including corsets and twin sets made of lace and silk. The girls modelled beautifully and we were thoroughly impressed – we wouldn’t have the confidence to strut our stuff up there like they did!

Crew Clothing exhibited their smart nautical collection which had universal appeal due to the inclusion of neutral beige and navy colour schemes and practical, everyday items such as waterproofs and cable-knit jumpers. Their collection had a smart, preppy vibe, with an abundance of blazers and wool jackets that were dressed down for an everyday look with rolled up chinos and deck shoes.

Student brand Love From Matte showcased their tattoo-inspired t-shirts. All the t-shirts were styled with plain high-waist denim shorts or jeans, leaving us to focus our attention on the amazing t-shirts themselves. We could really see Matt’s tattoo inspired focus in his collection, with typical tattoo slogans such as ‘Born to Die’ and rose prints. Stand-out t-shirts included the witty Elvis inspired ‘Nothing but a Hound Dog’ picturing a skull complete with Elvis quiff and the intricate crossed key design. What’s so great about the collection is that it’s unisex, made in neutral colours like black, white and grey that appeal to everyone and could go with any outfit.


Another student brand, Ti’en, showed beautiful designs that were bursting with colour and made of lovely, flowing fabrics. We particularly loved the sari-style dress with calligraphy-type patterns across the back, and these beautiful patterned trousers matched with plain black vests makes for a great summer look.

The show was a huge success, with all money raised going towards new beds for the children at the New Hope Children’s Centre in Kenya. Everyone had a great time, so well done to every single person involved! A huge thank you to Chloe at the wonderful CCZH photography for taking such wonderful pictures, too!

Check out the Tab’s Twitter page for more pictures from last night’s show, including a few of the topless male models…